There oughta be a rule.

Coaches get to do easily what players can’t.

Kevin Beard has made a very quick, though not direct, ascent from Georgia’s support staff to full-time assistant at an SEC rival.

Beard, who spent the 2016 season as a quality control analyst on Georgia’s offense, left last month to become the receivers coach at Florida International. His stay was short.

Tennessee has now hired Beard as its receivers coach, according to multiple reports. He replaces Zach Azzanni, who left last week for a job with the Chicago Bears.

Beard is a former receiver at Miami, where he was the receivers coach in 2015. When he was not retained by new head coach Mark Richt, Beard followed former Miami offensive coordinator James Coley to Georgia. Coley became the Bulldogs’ receivers coach, and Beard helped assist the offense.

Now Beard will be on the other sideline when Georgia visits Tennessee on Sept. 30.

The irony here is that the official reason coaches give for blocking players from transferring to other conference schools or teams on the schedule — OMG, the intel they’d be passing on! — is far more applicable in the case of a staff analyst than a kid.

But we all know that’s not really what the transfer rule is all about, right?


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8 responses to “There oughta be a rule.

  1. Spike

    As my grandfather used to say.. ” Ought to be a law against it..”


  2. Gaskilldawg

    Oh, my God! He was at THREE universities within four months!!!! Doesn’t he know the meaning of loyalty and commitment?

    He won’t have to sit out a practice, let alone a season.


  3. Rocket Dawg

    I guess my take on the “sit a year if you transfer” rule is that not only would the coaches have to be on the road recruiting new players each year they would essentially have to re-recruit their own roster each year. We all bitch about the low numbers during the Richt era and how it didn’t produce any competition in practice for starting spots which led to complacency and poor performance on the field. If you have a situation where a kid can leave and be immediately eligible at another school at the drop of a hat how can you be hard on them in practice and push them to be great. We all know how kids these days get their feelings hurt when someone looks at them the wrong way.

    Imagine the butthurt and bellyaching if Eason decided he was pissed that they brought in Fromm to compete and transferred to UT and started against us next year.


    • DawgPhan

      None of your issues with transferring override the personal freedom that is being denied these players by the transferring restrictions. I value that freedom more than I care about a coach having to work harder.

      It wouldnt bother me in the least to see Chubb transfer during the bye week and suit up for Florida. It’s his life, he has to live it the way that best suits him.


  4. Macallanlover

    Oh the horror, players will have to select from 115 colleges instead of 130 for their free education? How ever will they survive? Damn plantation life is just tuurrible! Please don’t throw me in dat briar patch!!


  5. 92 grad

    If anyone cares to reconcile this transfer restriction rules idea I would suggest looking for the transfer regulations that apply to the entire student body, from the academic position. When any student declares a major and earns hours they can’t just change schools without losing some credit and the process isn’t supposed to be easy. Some things, like degree programs, should matter and changing schools shatters the long game which is what a degree is supposed to be.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Speaking of Tennessee, it does not appear The Great Pumpkin will be returning to the patch as Athletic Director.

    This doesn’t rule out a return as head coach, however.


  7. General Lee

    It’s not about intel dimwit, it’s about a good player competing against you instead of for you. Best I can tell, Beard’s playing days are over.