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I guess I’m not AD material.

Seeing that reminded me of this. Good times.

More to the point, it made me wonder about something:  if Richt’s record, which included multiple appearances in the SECCG and BCS bowl games, several top 10 finishes and a couple of conference titles, wasn’t good enough for Greg McGarity, why isn’t that the case with Fox?

Mind you, I’m not asking that because I want to judge either coach, or because I’m advocating showing Fox the door.  I’m simply trying to discern what McGarity’s standards are for retaining a head coach of a revenue producing program.  Anybody have a clue?  Because I sure as hell don’t.



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It was just an innocent birthday greeting.

Mark Coyle, I’m not sure that “reassured” means what you think it means.  Neither, I suspect, is the Western Michigan AD.


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Today, in buddy movies you never really wanted to watch

Booch and Brady, together at last.


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“They’re clearly the favorite in the SEC East, PAWWWLLL.”

This is why they pay Seth Emerson the big bucks.  (Or at least more than Jeff Dantzler takes in.)

Seriously, I think we’re pretty much at the point where it’s become an established narrative.  Seth mentions that Kirby will no doubt try to downplay it, but it will be interesting to watch how he handles rising expectations with the team.


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There’s a real need for amateurism.

The NCAA incurred a whopping $1.4 billion in expenses during the last fiscal year — yes, that’s billion with a “b” — which was more than $400 million in excess of the revenues it took in over that period, but still found a way for its chief financial officer to pat the organization on the back for exercising “thoughtful stewardship”.

Jesus, if I ran my business like that, they’d run me out of town on a rail… or elect me POTUS, maybe.  On second thought, where can I get me some of that?


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“Baylor University is encouraged by today’s ruling.”

I have no idea why.


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