Is McGarity exempt from the Rule of Holes?

So far, you gotta admit, Georgia’s athletic director is having a great 2017 in the eyes of the fan base.  Hell, the last two weeks, full of griping in the aftermath of what should have been a triumphant announcement about the Sanford west end capital project, and the fire he was forced to put out with the basketball team just before the start of the SEC Tournament by allowing himself to be backed into a corner in assuring one and all that Fox would return next season, have been pure awesomeness in that regard.

For instance, check out the love the AJ-C gathered in reaction to McGarity’s assertion that Georgia essentially doesn’t have the resources to keep up with Alabama.  There’s also this post there giving the visual story that it ain’t just Alabama McGarity’s struggling to match.  Some of the natives are clearly restless, a fact that even he hasn’t ignored.

And yet, does any of it really matter?

I think back through all of McGarity’s greatest hits of the past few years — the completely inept way the Gurley suspension was handled with the NCAA and the team, the PR gaffs that were the interviews with Mark Bradley, letting himself be shown up by Pruitt about the IPF, all the BS surrounding the process that led to Richt’s dismissal, then, in the aftermath, the PR embarrassments of the joint presser with Richt and the move to keep the players from speaking to the media, all the way up to the present missteps — and marvel that he moves from one triumph to another effortlessly.

Give him credit.  He’s apparently making the right people happy.  Maybe it’s time to start shining a light on those folks and their goals for Georgia athletics.  I’m sure they’d be as thrilled with the attention as McGarity no doubt is.  Just sayin’.



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  1. 81Dog

    It’s simple, really: McGarity’s constituency is not the UGA fan base, or even the UGA administration. It’s the moneyed overlords who write the huge checks and influence smaller, but still large, check writers. If he does what they want, he’s free to dig himself all the way to China without putting the shovel down.

    The money guys want to turn UGA into Alabama, but I fear they may be turning us into Auburn.

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    • paul

      Do they really? Because it seems to me that if they did we wouldn’t be sitting on all that cash. We’d have a strategic plan, we’d let everyone know what that plan is and we’d be spending the money necessary to implement that plan. Do we seem to be doing ANY of that? If we really want to be Alabama even McGarity wouldn’t be dumb enough to say “don’t compare us to Alabama.” If you really want to play with the big boys you have to have the cojones to say so and be ready to back it up. Clearly, the last thing McGarity wants is for anyone to think we are in the same league as Alabama. If he were a dog he’d be rolling over on the ground exposing his belly in a gesture of complete submission.

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  2. Jt (the other one)

    When McEars first showed up I thought it was a breathe of fresh air on the heels of Evans…but then again…anything at that point would be better. As time has gone on I have slowly turned. The absolute spineless fashion in how he handled the Gurley suspension did it for me completely. He has a job because there are a couple of boosters who still control him. That is eroding fast as many more are firmly against him -notably the football lettermen.

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  3. aladawg

    Which is why I wrote the Athletic board and Morehead begging the response from them regarding “your philosophy must be what’s driving ADGM”. I got an immediate response from Assoc. AD Brad Bell regarding “all the Department was doing” regarding the Gameday Experience. I believe they are finally feeling the heat themselves………………..


  4. Uglydawg

    Somehow this situation conjures up the image of Damocles sitting under that sword.
    McG has one hope-That CKS is a strong thread. But there are a lot of other problems that, added up, give a lot of weight to that sword.

    And it’s ironic that Pruitt was the catalyst that finally forced the AD’s hand on the IPF. Now he cannot point to UGA’s lack of an IPF as a negative point in recruiting.


    • Napoleon BonerFart

      Pruitt probably points out that he’s the one responsible for it. Not Richt, Smart, or McGarity.


  5. ugadawgguy

    Your last paragraph is absolutely, unequivocally right.

    We can start with the Leeberns and go from there — that family is more responsible for the state of UGA athletics than McGarity is, and he answers directly to them.


  6. The Gurley suspension did it for me with him especially how he left TG3II hanging out to dry with that piece of crap press release the morning of the Missouri game and then how screwed the entire team the week of the Florida game. The man needs to go, but the liquor barons support him after the Richt firing/Smart hiring.


  7. jntiii

    They got the Alabama coach they wanted, not sure why the focus wouldn’t shift to the next weak link.


  8. Athens Dog

    I think the only answer is for the fans and supporters who are not in the “inner circle” (like us) to continue pushing for change. I hope the Senator continues to press and we should do the same with BM.

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  9. How the fuck is he still here? What is he doing to keep the rich boosters happy? I cringe every time he opens his mouth, which has been far too often recently, and I just don’t see how anyone thinks he’s NOT detrimental to the program.

    I guess it’s the air of exclusivity he brings that some of the big money boosters enjoy. It’s like an extension of Augusta National. We want titles but it doesn’t seem we have anyone who had a clue about how to get them but at least McGarity can brag about reserve fund and claim the IPF as his and bag brag about our discipline.

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  10. Dawgy1

    Georgia doesn’t have the resources to keep up with Alabama? Apparently Clemson Has the resources?

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    • Chi-town Dawg

      If you watch any of the facilities videos or read the comment by Brad Eldridge (so) after the AJC article, it’s dead smack on! With 2.5 years of recent college campus tours under my belt including one for a scholarship athlete, I’ve been to a bunch of Big 10 and SEC schools along with some AAC and ACC schools. I can assure you that UGA has fallen way behind in not only athletic facilities, but also the dorms and other non-athletic areas. Neither of my kids wanted to attend UGA and quite frankly, after going to visit other schools, I couldn’t blame them. I bleed Red n Black, but up close and personal doesn’t lie:-(. Our AD and his staff have no desire or plan or true commitment for winning national championships, so we will continue falling further behind.


  11. PTC DAWG

    When the BIG MONEY wants change, it will come, swiftly. I am far from big money.

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  12. I've Stopped Caring

    McGarity is the equivalent of Roger Goodell. His unpopularity is the result of his being little more than a shield for the owners. He does what they want and takes the heat for it. Somebody, I have to assume Leebern, wants the money guarded jealously. This goes back decades, and Leebern has been behind the curtain since the ’60’s.

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    • Otto

      Bingo, Senator’s last paragraph sums it up. I still don’t believe Smart was McGarity’s 1st choice but was the only option to get Richt out. I believe some donors would not fund the IPF with Richt as head coach while others were loyal to Richt but would get on board for a UGA Alum being name a head coach.

      McGarity was fresh on the job but Gurley was handled the same as AJ Green which was the UGA Way. It would be interesting to see how this would be changed under Smart. Hopefully we don’t have to find out.

      The old guard will not live forever and Smart has signaled some change.


      • Any donor who got on board with the decision to agree to change only because the new guy was a UGA alum is part of the problem on South Campus. You hire the best available, not the best Georgia graduate available.

        I would like to see how the AD would handle an AJ/TG3II-type of situation in the new world order where his neck is the one in the noose if it doesn’t work out. I would imagine our response would be much more like F$U and Jameis or TAMU and Johnny Football.

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  13. The Georgia Way

    As Mr. McGarity says, “We’re just about telling the truth here”.

    Respect The Georgia Way.


    • That article reminded me of why he should be tarred and feathered in front of the Arch and run out of town on a rail.

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      • The Georgia Way

        For those of you not properly schooled in the nuances of The Georgia Way, you first must be capable of drawing the distinction between “just about telling the truth here” and “telling the truth here”.

        For those of you accusing The Georgia Way of playing Three-Card Monte with your contributions, we strongly advise you to not attempt to bring checkers to our chess game.

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      • Dog in Fla



  14. JG Shellnutt

    Let him keep digging.


  15. Cojones

    Yes, shine light on them all and let’s don’t forget the Regents and their input.

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  16. AusDawg85

    Give him credit. He’s apparently making the right people happy. Maybe it’s time to start shining a light on those folks and their goals for Georgia athletics. I’m sure they’d be as thrilled with the attention as McGarity no doubt is.

    I would love to know why they are happy. (Who is excited by a large reserve fund?) It would be great to identify the power brokers and get them on the record, then watch them run like cockroaches from the bright lights of public questioning motivations, actions, etc.

    Great work, Senator. But lock your doors and install an upgraded security system.


  17. Derek

    Sure are a lot of socialists around here wanting free stuff bought with someone else’s money. When America is great the people with the money get what they want and those without stay fucked. It’s called incentives.

    You’re a bunch of losers so you get nothing. You want something then get a job! Make some money! Put some skin in the game. You’re a bunch of takers leaching off the largesse of the winners. Be happy that they let you watch. It’s far more than you deserve.

    First, you want clean bathrooms and a short line to fill your lazy asses with cokes and hot dogs. Next thing you know you’ll want safe work places, health care and a subsidized retirement program. Where will it all end? When America sucks again like it did on January 19th? America is great now so shut up and fuck off until you’ve got the 200k to buy in at Mar-a-lago.

    You may not realize it but the bathrooms in the suites area are spotless. The refreshments are obtained with little or no inconvenience. As well they should be since they were purchased with the hard earned cash of those who paid for the privilege…or who inherited it.

    BTW: in case you were wondering those folks who are running this shit do appreciate it when you poor bastards send your kids off to kill and/or die in the jungles and deserts across the world to clean up their fuck ups. Trust me. Big league.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Derek, clearly you inhaled. Whatever it is, I sho do wish I could get me some a that, please. Nice work.


    • Don in Mar-a-Lago

      Think Like a Champion of Life.


  18. Calidawg

    McGarity’s UGA career thus far is one long case study on PR blunders and gutless leadership. They should put his remarks in textbooks on what not to do. As a Grady alum, it saddens me how terrible he is given he’s a mouthpiece for the university.


  19. What the dipshits starting with McG don’t realize is that football is the money maker. I have a good friend who works in admissions at Bama and when I first went to visit her she took me on a tour of the campus including the front of the stadium.

    You’d be amazed at how much new construction was and still is going on due to the massive amounts of cash that winning football brings in. Not even just sports facilities. Athens is a cooler town than T-town but damn if they aren’t honestly better in terms of all facilities there. UGA is a penny wise but pound foolish compared to Bama now.

    Not to mention that Bama has now a whole staff paid to actively recruit out of state students. Yeah. I’d like UGA to be mostly kids from GA but that out of state tuition hike, which I believe they have reduced but is still higher is a nice addition to the revenue stream.

    Sadly we’ll probably have to wait until the Leeburn types die off to compete with the big boys. And by then it will probably be too late. Wtf do we need such a big reserve fund for? You gotta spend money to make money.

    Obviously UGA is far superior academically to Bama but they are actively trying to change that. UGA is reactive. Other schools are proactive. Having lived in upstate SC for years 20 plus years ago I can’t believe that a cow college like Clempson is probably going to pass us by at this rate. They already have in terms of athletics. Once they start funneling the money from football into other areas it could happen.


  20. Ohh. And I’m sure that the women’s tennis facilities at Bama for instance are amazing due to all that football money.


  21. The Dawg abides

    I just have a hard time buying the premise that the big money boosters are behind McGarity’s frugality. What’s the point of donating large sums of money and gaining influence only to tell the AD to sit on your money in a reserve fund and strive for mediocrity? It seems unanimous that anybody here would do the exact opposite if ever fortunate enough to be in that position. In fact, there really doesn’t seem to be any “whale” boosters at UGA. I’m talking about the Phil Knight and T. Boone Pickens types. The billionaires that have contributed to the schools in the hundred-plus millions level. It seems UGA has a long list of of donors that all have have given very healthy sums, but I’m curious as to how many ten million-plus lifetime athletic donors there have been. I wonder just how much influence the Leeburn’s have really bought themselves, besides a permanent place on the AA board.
    Even though it’s a cliche now, the Georgia Way is a very real thing. And I’m not talking about some intangible set of ideals. This is a generations-old bureaucracy that reaches from the Board of Regents to the University president to the AA board down to the entire athletic department. Everything has to clear the Regents, even though it’s “our” money. They actually consider the fairness and disparity to other schools of the University System in their decisions. This is an outdated concept. UGA and Georgia Tech are such massive, influential entities that each should have their own board of Regents to make crucial decisions unique to their schools. The President answers to the Regents. Morehead seems less intent on purposely holding us back than Adams, but he still has to do their bidding. I think the AA board and the athletic department are equally immersed in the culture also. It’s going to take multiple people with enough vision and fortitude to ever change things. All that said, McGarity is still a milquetoast tool.


  22. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Greg (“GWOG”)
    Butts-Mehre Defense Complex
    Daily Enhanced Interrogation Meeting
    9 March 2017, 1155 hours/noonish
    Scene: Greg’s Tiny Bunker
    Mission: Counter-Insurgency Op aimed at defeating enemy irregulars
    Muster: Bluto and Greg all present and somewhat accounted for

    Apocalypso Now and Then –

    Senator: Did they say why, Greg, why they want to terminate my command?
    Greg: I was sent on a classified mission.
    Senator: It’s no longer classified, is it? Did they tell you?
    Greg: They told me that you had gone totally insane, and that your methods were unsound.
    Senator: Are my methods unsound?
    Greg: I don’t see any method at all.
    Senator: I expected someone like you. What did you expect? Are you an assassin?
    Greg: I’m a soldier.
    Senator: You’re neither. You’re an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.

    Kirby gets off the boat, barges into the bunker, demands to know who terminated all the Dunkin Doughnuts and what’s that smell?

    Greg says he doesn’t know but he’ll check it out:


  23. NostraDawgus

    The one question that escapes me: if I am on that Board, and I donate hundreds of thousands, if not millions, how am I possibly happy with the return on my money? What sport am I hanging my hat on around the competitive water cooler? We suck or underachieve at almost EVERYTHING McAbacus has touched . . .

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    • Derek

      I think you misunderstand the reasons for the contributions. It isn’t an investment. It’s a gift and in exchange they get catered to and treated as if they are important. They are listened to and have some control. Much more input and control than any of us. At the end of the day it’s far more about ego than any thoughts about ROI.


    • Charles

      +1 for “McAbacus”

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  24. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    If I live in a skybox on game days, life is good regardless of what’s going on down on the field. The food is good. Doesn’t matter what the weather is. It’s a good place to hold business discussions with clients and make even more money. And, if the game isn’t that great, there’s always something good on television. What’s not to like?


  25. Will Trane

    I think UGA lags in many arrears.
    Many colleges in other SEC universities have passed UGA in past decade or two.
    UGA is lazy. Plus, they live in the past. No one in the administration of UGA exemplifies that more than McGarity. He is not smart. He can not think. And like many there, he has no vision, direction, purpose, and ability to communicate. Only reasons he was hired was because he was an alum and supposedly had been tutored by the best at UF.
    One thing you can say about “Mr. Daisy” is he is a huge failure!
    Well, a disappointed to boot.
    Think it is high to shine the light on others in the AB.


    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      Got to be Michael Adams in his younger days. Your photo confirms the AD is a puppet.


  26. Mark

    I’m not one to pile on but I am grateful for this blog and Emerson holding the McGarity’s feet to the fire. However I’ve never seen you mention Carla the compliance AD. She played a big role in the Gurley suspension and seems be getting a pass here. Her role is worth a mention and a deeper look.


  27. Since I do not know how to post songs, just go to the opening of Apocalypse Now and listen to The End. Maybe a good song for the AD.