I know it’s a cheap shot…

… but when you read this header, which part of it do you think Greg McGarity finds more attractive?



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31 responses to “I know it’s a cheap shot…

  1. BeardDawg

    Cheap shot, I see what you did there.


  2. AusDawg85



  3. Bright Idea

    Also cheap insurance as a potential Chaney replacement maybe? You know, just in case.


  4. “We were more concerned at the end of the day about being right than we were playing fast.” -Jay Johnson

    My hopeful interpretation of that statement is “We were more concerned with scoring points than an offensive philosophy”

    Ah lovely off season, your hope springs eternal…


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Random thoughts:

    Not exactly a flattering pic of Pittman. Kirby certainly doesn’t discriminate against fat people.

    Count me as being very pleased Kirby picked up Johnson. Call it insurance if you like.

    Never heard an explanation why Chaney was kicked upstairs to the booth in mid season. I’m assuming Johnson will be in the booth too. I wonder what level of attention Johnson will be allowed to devote to the QBs, or is he just an X’s and O’s resource?


  6. HVL Dawg

    Minnesota, Louisiana-Lafayette, Central Michigan, Louisville, Southern Miss and Kansas.

    This ain’t Chaney’s understudy, this guy was truly hired to be an analyst.


  7. CVegas Dawg

    When do we start worrying about “too many cooks in the kitchen”?


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      I have wondered that, too. The only way I have come to terms with it is to hope that Kirby’s experience in seeing how Saban managed the same type of staff has rubbed off on him. I do note that there has not been any public griping by current coaches, so there’s that.


      • 69Dawg

        They are silenced by the head coach. The only time you hear from them will be before or after the season. If the press starts getting anonymous info then Kirby’s got problems.


    • McTyre

      . . . only after we start worrying about the armchair QB’ing of asst. coaches at which so many in our fanbase excels.



    The more eyes the better, IMHO.


  9. That’s why I don’t get why we’d even consider firing Mark Fox. He has Georgia BB as good as it’s gonna get with the current support and it’s not like we’d go after a big name if we fired him. We love hiring assistants on the cheap and just hope they work out.


    • Mayor

      I get your premise about hiring assistants on the cheap and making them HCs but Fox was a successful HC before coming to Georgia. He had a 123-43 record at The University of Nevada. His winning percentage at Nevada was better than it has been at UGA (145-116) but I believe it is not because of a lack of coaching ability but rather a lack of support from B-M. Win just enough to make the program profitable–that’s B-M’s motto.


      • Athens Dog

        We just witnessed another day of mystery coaching by Fox. Hard to figure out his strategy.


        • McTyre

          Agreed. Surely at some point Fox will put his foot down on all of BM’s meddling in his player development, substitutions, playcalling/schematics, recruiting and game management. When programs don’t win, always start with the existential explanations behind it😊


      • ATL Dawg

        I think there’s a little more nuance to his time at Nevada than just that record. He took over the program that Trent Johnson built.

        From Wikipedia:

        Nevada under Trent Johnson
        2000–01 Nevada 10–18 3–13 9th
        2001–02 Nevada 17–13 9–9 T–5th
        2002–03 Nevada 18–14 10–6 T–3rd NIT First Round
        2003–04 Nevada 25–9 13–5 T–1st NCAA Sweet 16

        Nevada under Mark Fox
        2004–05 Nevada 25–7 16–2 1st NCAA Second Round
        2005–06 Nevada 27–6 13–3 1st NCAA First Round
        2006–07 Nevada 29–5 14–2 1st NCAA Second Round
        2007–08 Nevada 21–12 12–4 T–1st CBI First Round
        2008–09 Nevada 21–13 11–5 2nd CBI First Round

        Now granted, Fox was an assistant for Johnson at Nevada. And he certainly didn’t butcher the transition. Still, you can see things start to slide in years 4 & 5 of Fox’s time there.


  10. sniffer

    “Offensive voice”? But Pruitt is gone now and not spewing his “offensive” notions of spending money UGA clearly doesn’t have.


  11. WarD Eagle

    I saw that headline somewhere and my very first thought was “what an odd characteristic to detail”

    It all makes sense now.


  12. J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics

    I hope everyone has a nice slice of cake after sending in their football ticket money this month. Hell, have a 2nd piece!

    By the way, thanks for the 5 month loan. We’ll send your product in August.


  13. Spike

    He seems like a good guy. ” I’m a trivia question..” Good one πŸ™‚


  14. PTC DAWG

    Fire Foxy


  15. Bulldog Joe

    Budget baseball is outshining budget football and both budget basketball programs right now.

    Eight errors in a second straight blowout loss to Rider.

    But the good news is The Georgia Way has the services of a baseball coach and an Athletic Director at absolutely no cost. It is also comforting to know The Georgia Way is only a $50K fine away from having a no-cost offensive analyst, too.



  16. ugafidelis

    Well played dude. Well played.


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