What a guy

It only took him a decade, but Mark Emmert finally made good on his overdue pledged donation to the University of Washington.

The recent fulfillment of the pledge comes after USA TODAY Sports reported that he hadn’t kept his promise and was being called out for it by a prominent university booster.

Emmert, a Washington graduate, served as the university’s president from 2004 until 2010, when he left for the NCAA and stopped payment on the $100,000 pledge after donating $51,000, according to records obtained by USA TODAY Sports. The original pledge form he signed in 2006 promised he would pay it in five annual installments starting in January 2008.


Maybe he finally needed the tax write off.



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4 responses to “What a guy

  1. down island way

    Now Senator, you are giving assholes a brown eye. Let’s just say he truly is an asswipe…….


  2. Russ

    What a Michael Adams!


  3. Normaltown Mike

    OMG, I told my high school girlfriend I’d love her forever….I haven’t seen her in decades so I better call and remind her.


  4. Mayor

    I think the President of the NCAA donating $100K to any school would create at least the appearance of a conflict of interest. Emmert was right in stopping the donations now that he holds that office. Don’t misconstrue my post. I still think the guy is an ass wipe, but for other reasons.