Looking forward to the G-Day QBR battle

In one breath, Kirby looks at Jake Fromm, early enrollee at quarterback, and it’s déjà vu all over again.

“I expect him to come out and compete like he’s trying to win (the starting job),” Smart said. “To me I see him in no different eyes than Jacob was this time last year. He’s coming in, highly-regarded, heralded recruit. But he’s very serious, very professional about his work. He’s a great leader in the locker room. A lot of the guys on the team respect him. He’s got good arm strength, is a good decision-maker. But what he’s got is he’s got a little leadership to him. He’s not afraid to jump out there and tell guys where to line up, what to do, get after it a little bit with a little fire.

In the next breath, though, it sounds like he sees something more.

“So I think that dynamic, Jacob sees that, and Jacob sees this young kid coming in with a little more fire and brimstone than even he had. And plus he’s coming in with Jacob there. It makes it a little different coming in with Greyson Lambert, who was the incumbent starter. So I think Jake’s in a good place, and I think he’s ready to go compete.”

Color me skeptical that Smart’s ready to roll with another true freshman quarterback, but I have to admit that he never talked about last year’s derby in quite the same way.

Then again, maybe he’s just trying to juice us up.  After all, G-Day is coming.

Asked if Smart was again calling for a 93k spring game, the coach didn’t quite make the same pitch as last year, but it was clear he wouldn’t mind. And then he again mentioned the quarterback competition, such as it is.

“Our turn out last year was a major catalyst to our recruiting efforts. … Certainly we’re encouraging to get a great turnout for that game,” Smart said. “And certainly it would be a great setting. You’d get to see a good young quarterback in Jake Fromm, go out there and compete against Jacob. We’ll see how the practices go, but I’m looking forward to seeing him in the spring game.”

And you thought I was kidding about that.  All that’s missing are the condoms.


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11 responses to “Looking forward to the G-Day QBR battle

  1. Jack Klompus

    Finally we’re playing a meaningful game in April again!!!


  2. 69Dawg

    Color me a wee bit skeptical. Kirby is becoming the modern day Vince Dooley. The offensive line lost 3 guys so we have holes to fill. We have a new gunslinger in town who might be pushing the 5* incumbent. He is not lying but if he really thinks he can cover for the offense by his poor mouthing, then his butt must already be warm. If Eason is not better than Fromm after a year under fire then our coaching staff is terrible. I’m not a recruiting guy but Fromm does not have the physical tools of Eason. I thought all the recruiting talk was about his mobility but lately he is said not to be a dual threat QB. I hope Eason beats him out or we are in for another year of bad football. Rookie QB’s in the SEC, not on spread teams, are doomed to failure.


  3. Macallanlover

    I wouldn’t predict Jake Fromm State Farm as the starter in September either, but he is spoken of as being clearly different by all who have been around him or coached him. Also a film rat and quick learner like AM. Whether he wins out, or not, between now and Atlanta,UGA is in a better QB position than we were going into last April, imo. There are many things to be excited about in the GDay game besides the QBs. There is always the OL questions but the battles at DBs should be interesting, and I think we see very little of Chubb/Sony so watching Holyfield, Herrien and Swift should be most interesting. Hope the weather is like last April’s game.


  4. Mark

    All the from reports are extremely positive. He seems to have that leadership trait because you hear it at every level…of course Bauta had the locker room too so let’s hope the ability it there too. Speaking of fire and brimstone, there has been so much Fromm talk that if Eason has anything in him he outta be pretty fired up to establish himself as the unquestioned starter and leader. Kirby definitely gets points for creating a competition.


  5. lakedawg

    Do not think any way barring injury that Fromm beats out Eason for starter job, but if it happened we better be signing 3 QB’s this cycle cause Eason will be playing his last two years somewhere else.


    • AusDawg85

      I agree, and given today’s world, probably should. I’m going to be watching our 3rd stringer’s work intently…do we have one?


      • Macallanlover

        New dual threat QB from South Georgia is supposed to be a great pick-up with a solid arm for a guy who can run. Don’t know how that fits into our playbook since it only has 3 plays in it, but he was an interesting offer for us. Kinda think Bama using Hurts this past year might have influenced it.


  6. Mayor

    “The Two Jakes.” Wasn’t there a movie made about them?