Ramsey’s gone. Time to panic!


We’ll start here because it’s obvious. Georgia is dangerously thin at the quarterback position. Only two snaps stand between Georgia’s current situation and having to trot a walk-on quarterback out to play the most important position in college football. That’s going to scare a lot of coaches…

This is a situation where if everyone stays healthy Georgia won’t ever really be affected by it. If Eason remains healthy and Fromm gets some mop-up duty, it could turn out to maybe help aid in Fromm’s development somehow. But it creates far from an ideal situation.

It hadn’t worked out for Ramsey as the starter at Georgia but he did have a little experience and helped UGA win the Belk Bowl in 2014. He had some experience and it may have allowed UGA to give Fromm a red shirt. That probably won’t happen now.

Alas and alack.  Who’d have ever thunk losing your backup punter could create such a crisis?

Seth Emerson takes a deep breath and notes what the more realistic picture appears to be.

It’s not good. It’s pretty worrisome to only have two scholarship quarterbacks, one of them a true freshman and the other a sophomore.

It’s also not unprecedented.

Back in 2010, Aaron Murray was a redshirt freshman who ended up starting every game. His backup was Hutson Mason, a true freshman who was the only other scholarship quarterback on the team. There was also Logan Gray, but he switched to receiver before the season.

So while this year’s situation is far from ideal, it’s manageable. Jacob Eason will in all likelihood start again, with Jake Fromm ready to pounce if Eason falters or gets hurt. It would take both getting hurt for the depth to become a real problem, at least as far as playing time.

Where it could hurt more is practice, where you tend to need good scout-team quarterbacks, and just have enough guys to run drills. But even then, Georgia is hoarding walk-ons, bringing in Stetson Bennett this year, and bringing back Sam Vaughn and Parker McLeod (who was a scholarship quarterback at Alabama before leaving the team, then resurfacing at Georgia last year.)

This isn’t a good situation for Georgia to be in for one year, which is why Smart and Jim Chaney are hitting the recruiting trail hard. But for one season, it can be managed.

Let’s get real for a minute.  If Ramsey had stayed and wound up being pressed into service this season, that would mean one of two things.  Either Georgia was finding itself on the winning side of some blowout games — and, boy, would that be a welcomed departure from last year — or 2017 went south in a hurry.

The biggest downside in the short run would seem to be that they won’t be able to redshirt Fromm to get some class spacing between the two quarterbacks on scholarship unless Eason stays healthy all season and the coaches can trust at least one of the walk-ons to handle mop-up duty and the rare occasion or two when Eason has to come out of the game for something like a helmet coming off during play.

Even that can be overcome, I suppose, by having Fromm take a redshirt the following season, assuming the next recruiting class brings in a couple of quarterbacks, similar to what the previous staff did with Hutson Mason.  But that’s a move that can have repercussions of its own.

I’m guessing they won’t be calling a lot of quarterback runs this year.  That would bring a whole new meaning to dual threat.


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42 responses to “Ramsey’s gone. Time to panic!

  1. What happens when Fromm gets a series after Eason gets his bell rung and then he proceeds to light it up? 😉


    • Ummm… he goes on to win the Heisman?

      The idea that a true freshman quarterback at Georgia is going to blow us all away defies history and logic. But if it gives you the warm and fuzzies, knock yourself out.

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      • Mayor

        If it were up to me I’d make Sam Vaughn the back-up QB and redshirt Fromm. Vaughn is a good player who I don’t see getting a fair chance. The real problem is that coaches are expected to recruit well and play the players they sign up. If some guy walks on and is better than the highly touted recruit some (not all) coaches think: (1) It reflects badly on them because some “nobody” beat out the guy they evaluated so highly; (2) They have money i.e. a scholarship invested in him and they are by damn going to play the highly touted recruit. This thinking is not restricted to football. Coaches who think that way should be consigned to a special place in hell with hotter fire. Nevertheless, there are an awful lot of coaches who think that way. Play the best players dammit!! If not you are doing a disservice to everyone–that walk-on, the team, the school and the fans. We have had more than one position coach who fits the above description to a tee in Athens.


        • Spike

          You are SPOT ON Mayor! Don’t discount Vaughn. He has bulked up to 212 lbs and is 6′ 3 1/2 ” tall. He is the fastest QB on the team and has worked very hard for a shot. He has not been given a fair shot yet, because he is a walk on and the coaches, at least the former ones, don’t want to look foolish by overlooking a diamond in the rough walk on for a scholarship player when the walk on is a better player. Heck, Vaughn even made the baseball team last year! Was on the SEC Honor Roll and was Scout Team Offensive Player of the Year last fall. Give him a shot! GATA MAYOR!!


  2. Mark

    You’re absolutely correct in trying to calm the panic that I’m not feeling or hearing from fellow fans. . Fake news, I say! Why wouldn’t he leave and don’t tell me it wasn’t expected or planned for by the staff when it’s been speculated all winter. Thanks and good luck to Ramsey but with a spring under his belt Fromm will be fine. We expected him to jump Ramsey as the backup anyway. This is all part of roster attrition and management as well as Ramsey having graduated and earned the right to start over somewhere else. Good luck to him.


    • Otto

      The big thing to me is Fromm likely doesn’t get to Redshirt which I would think the staff would like to see Eason much developed and Ramsey getting mop up duty. However the staff may also be wanting to push Eason and think Fromm maybe just the guy to do it. If 2 QBs get injured the season is likely in the toilet anyways. Granted that does not account for other sorts of problems keeping a QB from playing just ask another Saban disciple McElwain.


  3. Trusting a back-up in mop-up duty is taking the snap from under center and turning around to hand it to a running back. If a walk-on can’t do that, then said walk-on shouldn’t be on the team.

    I want to see Fromm in 2021 not Fromm in 2017.


    • Uglydawg

      I agree. Why burn Fromm’s redshirt if Eason is only going to miss a play or a series. Bennett should be more than capable of stepping in and holding the fort. If Eason gets a severe injury where he would miss a game or more, you would have to look at Fromm and also everyone else on the roster with QB by their name.
      BTW..Good luck to Bryce in his future endeavors. May he find success and happiness!


  4. rchris

    Sorry to see Brice go. He didn’t work out as an SEC level starter, but as third string insurance having the guy who finished out the Belk bowl for us and has 4 years of practices under his belt as well as the team’s second strongest arm would have been a terrific option to have.


  5. SemperFiDawg

    Wasn’t there talk of a flashy little PWO qb that’s coming in


  6. Meh. Barely moves the needle for me. Ramsey leaving isn’t unexpected, nor is worrisome. I appreciate his contributions but it seems evident that we wouldn’t have been in much better shape had he stayed and had we actually needed our 3rd string QB to start. Hell he only punted because THAT starter was hurt.


  7. I am not too worried about it and I expect we will add a graduate transfer in the summer. A qb somewhere this Spring will decide it isn’t going to happen for him at his current school. He will have graduated and decide to head to Athens to spend one last year in the greatest college town in America as a backup qb and insurance policy for a short term Eason absence. It will allow the coaching staff to keep a redshirt on Fromm. If Eason has a long term injury then we will probably roll with the freshman.


  8. AthensHomerDawg

    “You have to be good at what you do,” Smart said. “Catering that to who we are is really important.”

    Sooooo….running Chubb into a stacked 9 man front is no longer prudent?


    • Macallanlover

      Certainly prudent, it is the only match-up that is a fair fight for the defense, and all he yet prove. Why else would he return except for adding that to the resume? And what better play caller/offensive guru to provide him with multiple opportunities to do just that? I am surprised we don’t put one of those revolving, color circles around his feet before the play begins to make sure the entire defense is aware who will get the ball. Works well for me when watching film study on SEC Network.


  9. dawgfan

    Chaney is on it. Maybe more Goodwin throwing out of the wild dawg.


  10. I still can’t see Fromm staying at UGA for 5 years. Get as much
    from him as possible. A Redshirt Is not the best possible option.


    • I think Fromm plays in 2017 regardless of what Ramsey chose to do. I’m a Jacob Eason fan, but I think Fromm pushes him to the limit.(and that’s a good thing for Jacob & the entire team). I’m certainly not in the “arena” in Athens, but I’ll bet there has never been a plan for Jake Fromm to red shirt.


      • Macallanlover

        I agree with both of you, makes no sense to not have him ready to step in if needed. Suppose Eason twists an ankle the week of the Florida game and Fromm has yet to take a snap since G Day? This is a critical year for the program and KS, don’t leave bullets in your belt when you need them in a fire fight. Jake Fromm is talented, sitting him likely makes no more sense than how we used Knowshon.

        On a related subject, why should a redshirt be defined as being blown for a handful of plays? Today’s offenses are running close to a thousand, or more plays a year, hy should 1-2 plays cost someone a year’s eligibility? I understand it is a rule but why not push for a change to allow 10-20 snaps? Would only be 1-2% and would cover if a starter’s helmet comes off near the goal line in a big game with 3rd or 4th down coming up. Or a minor injury that is cleared up in a few downs. How is that perceived as a big advantage in a player’s development? Just one of those rules which makes little sense when put under a microscope.


  11. Got Cowdog

    I still think Fromm redshirts.


  12. Swanguard

    Ramsey had his day. Didn’t have what it took at UGA. Hope he finds it somewhere and gets a lot of playing time. Having a walk-on as 3rd team isn’t much worse than Ramsey plus it will be either a Freshman or Sophmore to help down the line. I do believe we can have a good 2017,but believe our best years or yet to come. Move Forward.


  13. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    OMG. If Ramsey had stayed, wed at least have had 3 snaps before having to throw a walk-on out there. Now we’re down to only 2 snaps! OMG! Help us!


  14. Monettadawg

    Hope Eason’s helmet doesn’t come off.


  15. mp

    Be great to see the coaches’ revised redshirt rule get adopted. Would solve all the problems with Fromm. 4 games of mop-up duty or spelling for a play or two if Eason gets his bell rung should be more than enough in a usual year.


  16. W Cobb Dawg

    Direct snaps to Sony or Nick, Godwin & wild dog, Slingin Sammy Vaughn, Fromm, Bennett & McLeod. There’s no shortage of options for a mediocre OC to pick from.


  17. Bulldog Joe

    Don’t you remember the panic that set in the day we lost our backup quarterback and fair catch specialist?

    I don’t, either.


  18. DawgPhan

    Ramsey seemed to enjoy college more than being a college football player. More time spent with a yeti cooler and silver bullets than a playbook and film study.

    You never heard about him being the last to leave, film room rat, or any of the other cliches that get tossed around when it comes to QBs.

    Hope he does well, but he never put in the work to be anything other than a back up punter for a middle of the pack SEC east team.


    • Do you know any of that to be a fact or are you just guessing? I never heard of Brice being “out” anymore than other players, including our best players.


      • DawgPhan

        Just the sense I got from following him on twitter.

        The media/coaches/teammates never mentioned him as a hardworker either, which tends to happen with QBs. So I connected the dots.

        4 star QB, tweets a lot about silver bullets and yeti coolers, never mentioned as a leader by teammates, coaches or media, and never got meaningful minutes in a game other than as the backup punter or holder.

        I dont blame him, college football is probably really hard. Being a college student can be a lot of fun.


        • Macallanlover

          I heard exactly the things you listed from other sources. I have no resentment of him, it’s his life, folks that want to excel usually find a philosophy of outworking others works best. I hope he does well in the next venture but I cannot help but believe he left a big opportunity on the table in Athens. He couldn’t have been lined up to succeed as UGA’s QB anymore than the time slot he had.


  19. Sherlock

    They can always fill the gap with a Graduate Transfer. The trick is to find one that is looking to be a Graduate Assistant in 2018-19. I guarantee that there are a number of 5th year guys that know they don’t have a shot as an NFL QB due to height, body size, or arm limitations that also want to the coaches. All you have to do is convince one that it is in his best interest to get a head start on his coaching career, by taking a GA slot the next year, instead of seeking playing time. Like the kicker from Columbia, you might not even have to put them on scholarship. It would also give them an extra year in the system allowing them to be even more helpful as a GA.


    • Olddawg 55

      Much ado about nothing! Based on ifs and buts. Yes, you have to have a contingency plan but you have Fromm, then Vaughn, Bennett, Mc/??/ and if that isn’t enough then die with the Wild Dawg. It must be the season that brings out all the doubt and worry. Georgia will do find..relax..guys get paid to do the worrying..and planning.


  20. Will Trane

    Senator, no need to panic.
    No sweat.
    No problem.
    Fran Tarkenton waits in the hedge.
    Dawgs are good to go.
    Dawg going some place other than Ramsey?
    Men’s basketball coach.
    He gone.


  21. William

    UGA wasn’t a very good team in 2016, and please don’t expect it to be much better in 2017! We’re in for a few rough years! No championships in the near future!