They’re gonna need a bigger hashtag.

Fair warning:  Kirby’s pushing G-Day, peeps.

This spring, Smart is not pushing a specific goal, but on his call-in show Monday night, he reiterated how important it is to have a sizable crowd.

“I think it is critical,” Smart said. “The more we can pack that stadium and make it like a real game, I get to find out how kids respond and adapt to that atmosphere.”

Last year saw Sanford Stadium packed to capacity, possibly more, which Smart says helped with the true freshmen.

“I think it was really helpful for us against UNC,” Smart said. “You look at the guys who went out in that Georgia Dome and played as true freshmen. Jacob goes out there and plays. Nauta goes out there. Those guys played because a lot of them got to go out there in that G-Day game, at least the six that came in mid-year and get used to it.”

Unlike last season, the Bulldogs will open the 2017 season at home against Appalachian State.

“Any atmosphere we create like that is an advantage for our opening game, which this time is at Sanford Stadium. “So we approach it as coaches just like it was a game because we want those butterflies. We want that gameday experience.”

The feedback from the players was very positive after Smart’s first G-Day.

“They love it,” Smart said. “Who does not love getting to play on ESPN with a packed house. It shows our brand. It talks a lot about our recruiting when you have a great fan base that turns out for these events.”

The specific attendance goal may not be enunciated like it was in 2016, but the attitude that the fan base is a production prop for recruiting lives on.  I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to serve in a greater cause.  Ask not what Georgia football can do for you, but what you can do for Georgia football really stirs the soul, does it not?

Hey — just a thought.  What kind of reaction would we get if nobody came to G-Day until they fixed the bathrooms?  Not that it would happen, but it sure would be fun to hear the sputtering.


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27 responses to “They’re gonna need a bigger hashtag.

  1. OurADisaGlorifiedAccountant

    I think that you are overly harsh on this point. The only thing within the control of the fan is how they present the game day environment to the recruits. That’s it.

    He’s asking us to do our part. And it’s being done without whining. mark Fox could learn from this approach. Instead of telling everyone In the media that he can’t recruit because he doesn’t get fan support (meaning Fox) he could go out and drum up more fan support. Which is what Kirby is doing.


    • Just curious — on what else do you spend your entertainment dollars where you’re expected to “do your part”?

      Don’t get me wrong. I’ll be at G-Day, just like always, and I’ll enjoy myself. But the idea that I have a role to play in the bigger picture is… well, unique from a marketing sense.


  2. Herschel Talker

    I bet we could pack in 100k if everyone pledges to hold it until after the game


  3. The "ChilliDawg"

    Well if atmosphere is all it takes to get the kids ready, let’s have G-Day in Jacksonville. That should prep them for the ND game and maybe they’ll be ready for the place later in the season.

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  4. I’m not planning to be at G-Day because the experience last year was worse than a regular season game. Section DVR after a round of golf sounds like a better option. Of course, if one of my daughters wants to go, I’ll probably end up there.

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  5. Brandon

    I’m actually all for it. Clearly the hype/momentum is working on the recruiting trail, and I’m more of a jimmies and joes kind of guy net net.

    My issue is honestly the gameday experience itself for the fans, when that crowded, is pretty terrible – for all the reasons we’ve cited in recent weeks coupled with the fact they put even LESS emphasis on the fan experience for G-Day.

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  6. paul

    Clean Restrooms Matter!


  7. ApalachDawg

    I just don’t get the snark? Maybe its because I’m in Ireland and can’t go but I just don’t get what’s so wrong with our coach asking us to come and to provide some atmosphere to this scrimmage.


  8. Athens Dog

    We’re doing the same as last year: “practice” tailgate before the game. Watch it on TV at Marker 7 Coastal Grill in Five Points



    Re your last comment, I guess about two-three dozen people are on this fix the bathrooms kick…so I guess it could work.


  10. SIASL

    Don’t go to the game until they upgrade the bathrooms? Love it!!


  11. South FL Dawg

    You’re picking nits.


  12. W Cobb Dawg

    Any musical incentive this year? Perhaps McG will actually read the contract before signing it this time.


  13. Bulldog Joe

    #DOYOURPARTFORRECRUITINGDAY17 just doesn’t carry the same appeal.

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  14. Macallanlover

    I would guess a low of 15-20K with bad weather, to a high of 60-70K if the weather is as perfect as last year. Possible upside if they really bring in a top entertainment act to attract the casual fan. I won’t make my decision until sometime of that week and it will be based on, primarily, on weather, other plans that may arise, and possibly if we divide the team into offensive and defensive units and let the 1s go against the 1s and 2s against the 2s, etc. That would be more enlightening than any G Day yet. Last spring was fun, but not very satisfying for all the travel effort, and I didn’t even have a bad bathroom experience.


  15. Greg McGarity, J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics

    **** Courtesy reminder to all fans: Tailgating restrictions will be enforced that day (just like any other game day). Setting up anything that even remotely resembles a tailgate on the weeds/grass/dirt of North Campus prior to 9am that day will NOT be permitted.

    Thank you for your support of Georgia athletics.


    • On the tailgate restrictions, what would Barney Fife and his band of deputies do if everyone showed up at 6:30 am and started setting up their tailgates on North Campus? It’s not against the law because it’s public property. I would love to see the looks on their faces when confronted about that.


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  17. AusDawg85

    Kirby asking for a big turn-out. Fine…getting the fans involved. But where is the B-M marketing machine already promoting the day, announcing entertainment, promising a full day of activities, etc? It’s like McG and Kirby are not even on the same page.