If you moan about it, Greg McGarity will come.

In an effort to enhance the game day experience for our fans, we are pleased to report that planning for Phase III of the Sanford Stadium restroom renovations currently under way and scheduled for completion prior to the start of the 2017 season. Previously, restrooms on level 100 of the south and southeast side were renovated in Phase I prior to the 2015 season. Phase II, completed prior to the season, included renovations to restrooms on the 300 level of the south and southeast side. Renovations on all remaining restrooms on the 100, 200 and 300 levels throughout the stadium concourses will be expedited and completed prior to the 2017 season.

These renovations will include the addition of all touchless fixtures, LED lighting, new flooring, new exhaust fans, and new paint matching the recent renovations (as seen below). We look forward to these renovations and the continued improvement on our gameday experience.

Concessions upgrades are also promised for the start of the 2017 season.

Way to go, Mr. McGarity.  In the immortal words of Rod Tidwell, you’re a little slow, but you come around.

No, I’m not taking a victory lap.  (I’m not worthy, but, yeah, I admit to feeling a little of what Jeremy Pruitt must have felt when they broke ground on the IPF.)  Although the effort is certainly appreciated — as such, I’ll refrain from snarkily asking which donors have stepped up on the potty front — it never should have come down to making the case in the media, social and traditional, to prod the athletic director into what have been and are painfully obvious steps.

What I’d really like to be able to celebrate at some point is McGarity being meaningfully proactive about the fans’ game day experience.  Hey, a whiner can dream, can’t he?



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56 responses to ““Expedited”

  1. I think this probably came from above. I imagine Morehead got an ear full from some of the development people who were out visiting with potential donors.

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    • I really want to see what the cut-offs are going to be this year. I’m wondering if a significant drop in Hartman donations had more to do with this change of priority than any actual public pressure. Most likely – it’s a smokescreen for the fact that he might be firing a basketball coach shortly knowing full well that nobody trusts him to make a good hire.


      • Joseph

        I will say that I did not re-up my football ticket donation this year…so I got an email shortly after the Feb 15th deadline saying they had extended the deadline to Mar. 31st…I wonder if they do that every year.


        • Dawg1

          No, they don’t.


        • I also did not re-up the donation this year and got the email.


          • DawgPhan

            You guys didnt get a phone call asking about renewing your season tickets?

            I got the email, but then right after the order period for tickets opened I got a phone call.

            I believe we have agreed that the O/U for cutoff is 400. get your bets in.

            I think it is under and will likely be 250 this year. or 275 whatever the new lowest ticket donation is.


            • jtp03

              I replied to the email and told them that after 21 years as a season ticket holder (incl student tickets) I was dropping them and not making a Hartman Fund gift. My Hartman score is over 22,000.

              No reply, no phone call as to why i was making that decision, no “thank you, we’re sorry to see you go” or anything. They do not care. We are easily replaceable.

              The colleges of arts & sciences and ag will be the new beneficiary of my previous Hartman dollars.


            • MurphDawg

              I received both an email and a call. I posted some of the contents of my email in a different thread. I received no written response to the concerns I made and yes, restrooms and concessions were among them.


  2. Normaltown Mike

    Yeah it’s a potty in the U.G.A.!

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  3. Spiking the Football!


  4. Heyberto

    Cosmetic improvements. It’s something. Until they can get the traffic flow in the concourses, it’s just lipstick to appease us.


  5. DoubleDawg1318

    So no additional capacity? That’s the primary issue right?


  6. FisheriesDawg

    I, for one, think you get to take a victory lap. Well done, Senator.

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  7. HVL Dawg

    ….. especially since this is going to cost mere breadcrumbs in the great scheme of things.

    So the great unwashed fans want sanitation? Give them a little sanitation.

    Chip Towers thinks his Sanford Stadium rest room is just fine.


  8. CB

    When I was forwarded the email, I rushed to check for your post.

    Senator Blutarsky Memorial Bathroom Renovations.You did it sir!

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  9. HVL Dawg

    I see what you did there:

    If you moan about it, Greg McGarity will come.

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  10. W Cobb Dawg

    So pressure works! What should we agitate for next? Better tailgating conditions, pimento sandwiches, or condoms? Or should we go all out and push for the music volume to be turned down?


    • Pimento cheese! But only if it comes from the kitchen that supplies Augusta National and only if they are $2.50 each!


      • Nothing like sitting in the stands on #4 green eating a pimento cheese sandwich on a perfect Saturday afternoon.


        • I’ll take a Friday on the hill beside #16 myself. The problem with 4 is there’s not a lot of action … just guys trying to survive the 240-yard tee shot. 🙂


          • Red Cup

            TVs at the concession stands so we can at least not miss any action while waiting an hour for crappy food

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          • I like 16 also ( especially for a cold one). But for lunch, I enjoy the relative solitude of 4


            • I can see that, but you have to get that spot early. I’m ready to head over on Monday this year for the best fan experience in sports.


              • Macallanlover

                Bestest spot, evah…stands to the left of 15 green. See second shots with chips and putts on key hole, scoreboard directly in front of you for all updates, restrooms and all concession items immediately below you, and limited viewing of shots on sixteen. There is no bad place to be on the grounds of Augusta National but I have been everywhere there and it offers it all, imo. I rarely have to wait even 10 minutes for one of the coveted seats. Just a suggestion if you haven’t tried.


                • Great spot as well. I prefer to use my chair and find a place I don’t have to risk giving up to go to the restroom, grab a sandwich or go to the golf shop. I prefer to walk the course or find a temporary spot in a grandstand before I head to my chair to settle in for the day.


                  • Agree with everything EE and Mac have said. We could talk all day about great spots to watch golf at Augusta. Talk about upgrades. I live in Augusta and ya’ll won’t believe the building going on out there at the course. Of course unlimited funds makes it easy. I’ll be out of town this year, but ya’ll have a good time.


    • Bigshot

      I say agitate for a new baseball and basketball coach.


  11. Otis Day

    chalk one up for senator snark 🙂


  12. DK

    “I’ll take highly innappropriate sounding lead sentences for $100, Alex.”


  13. Athens Dog

    I’ll take any victory with BM


  14. Al

    You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. No added capacity means continued back-up in the concourses.


    • Yep. With the Steg, Foley, and anything else – they just repaint bright and shiny and say “see, we did it!” without addressing root causes.

      I am also certain this “improvement” contract will go to Jethro and Cletus’ bathroom fixer upper emporium (likely related to a booster). Expect the caulking to be peeling in a year. And the hand dryers to be ripped off the walls.


    • PTC DAWG

      The concourses were not designed for over 90k people…and the stadium is pretty much landlocked…just set up multiple portal potties anywhere there is room…problem is, not much room.


  15. South FL Dawg

    Can we whine about the home schedule now? Just asking…..


  16. WarD Eagle

    Not sure what you mean by proactive. He’s brought better wifi and more NFL-like music (just like Auburn).

    What more do you want?


  17. BA Baracus

    I really wish you had gone all in w/ the potty humor and titled this “Ex(-lax)pedited”. But then I have like a 3rd grade sense of humor, so…


  18. AusDawg85

    The Senator is FLUSH with success! Thanks for pointing out the piss poor job McG has been doing. Our athletics are certainly becoming a dump due to BM.


  19. lakedawg

    Did I read the 100 section on south sections were already renovated in 2015? Then donor be surprised my fellow peasants if you see no difference this fall than last.


  20. ScoutDawg

    The point here is McGator, while still hard of hearing, isn’t completely deef. That would have been the UGA way. Inroads, however pissy, are inroads. Well done Bluto.


  21. Suite jesus

    That first sentence (frag?) though


  22. aladawg

    I’ll say it again. The South side restroom renovations in the restrooms I have used were meaningless. The one way flow was not corrected and “No hands ” toilets did not help lines out the yah yah……..A little maintenance work and a shiny coat of paint did not correct the real problem.


  23. Jbdawg

    Was that a deliberate euphemism in the opening sentence?


  24. 81Dog

    should it have been “ExPEEdited”?

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  25. That’s great but are they doing anything to actually speed the bathroom and concession process up? Cosmetics don’t do that. Are they widening the doorways or adding stalls? Are they replacing the “aw shucks, I’ve got all day” crews working concessions.

    I got to the concessions about 2 minutes until halftime one game last season and didn’t make it out until about 2 minutes until the 2nd half. Didn’t even get to go to the bathroom.

    Not really sure why they were taking their time to add a fresh coat of paint and some new fixtures, though. Not like they are rebuilding the bathrooms. Any delay on that BS is the Georgia Way defined.


  26. I went to years of games.

    I am happy sitting on my couch now. Much more comfortable.


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