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Today, in whocoudaknowed

Prepare to be shocked by this.

Here’s one possible reason Georgia struggled so much on offense last season: It had guards playing tackle.

At least that seems to be the case based on the projections of NFL scouts. The Bulldogs’ starting left tackle last season, Tyler Catalina, and starting right tackle, Greg Pyke, both say they likely will play guard on the next level.

Too bad Pittman’s just a position coach.  I guess what Georgia really needed last season was a miracle worker.

Best of luck to those two at the next level, by the way.



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“You’re here to win games. And in the meantime, if you want to go to class, you can.”

Nigel Hayes, Wisconsin basketball player, finds one ray of sunshine in student-athlete amateurism.

Pay the players, Hayes says. Lots of coaches agree. They just don’t say so out loud, for the same reason many professional athletes don’t sound off about social issues. Dollars and sponsorships. Too much to lose.

Fortunately for Hayes, he doesn’t have that problem. “In my case, as an NCAA athlete, you can’t fine me,” he says, flashing another small smile. “You can’t take my money.”



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Musical palate cleanser, drunk love is the best love edition

In honor of Saint Paddy’s Day, here are the Dropkick Murphys with a live version of their ode to uninhibited male ego, “Kiss Me, I’m Shitfaced”.

Let’s face it, fellas.  We’ve all been there at least once in our lives.


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A waiver for a waiver

Man, is the Maurice Smith situation complicated, or what?

… When Smith secured his graduate transfer from Alabama last summer, the SEC set down stipulations: Smith must stay enrolled towards his master’s degree in Public Health and graduate within two years, or Georgia would be precluded from requesting further graduate transfer waivers…

Smith has spent the time since Georgia’s season ended training mostly in his hometown of Houston, then did some training in Athens. If he ends up making the NFL, Smart said there will be a waiver process in place so Smith doesn’t necessarily have to take classes this fall.

“The commissioner is aware of that,” Smart said. “He understands that’s the kid’s dream, that’s what he wants to do. So he’ll take that into consideration.”

Jimmy Sexton never has problems like that when his clients want to move.


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Men, don’t ever change.

Just think what a 16-team college football playoff could do for the vasectomy business.


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