Men, don’t ever change.

Just think what a 16-team college football playoff could do for the vasectomy business.



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11 responses to “Men, don’t ever change.

  1. Had mine done on a Friday during bowl season. Watched football all weekend, then back to work on Monday – which is pretty much a normal weekend during football season anyway. 🙂


  2. Got Cowdog

    I had to get one. If not our municipality was going to have to build a new school.


  3. AusDawg85

    Who needs a vasectomy? Just get married.


    • paul

      Okay, we’ve had all the children we want. What next? I can get fixed. It’s outpatient, minimally invasive, recuperation time one weekend and the cost is negligible. Or my wife can get her tubes tied. That requires surgery, it’s much more expensive, carries greater risk of complications, etc., etc. If I get fixed we can even freeze dry some you know what just in case we change our minds later on. Want to untie those tubes? Not so much. It’s really a no-brainer. Yet somehow guys are extremely reluctant to do it. I know far more women who got a tubal ligation than men who got snipped. As a group, we really don’t seem to like anybody messing around down there.


      • This was exactly why I did. After our 2nd kid, we knew we were done, and after doing even just minimal research, it was clear that the better option was for me to be snipped than her to be tied. I worked that Friday morning, had it done in the afternoon, back at work on Monday, didn’t even have to use any of my paid time off. Even went grocery shopping on Sunday. Yeah, you move a little gingerly for 3-5 days, but overall it just isn’t the big deal most guys build it up to be in their head.


      • Sherlock

        There was a joke there that you missed, paul.


  4. Cojones

    Had mine done in ’70s, got in my car with an ice pack and drove from Arkansas to Arizona. My wife tolled the timing of when to change (about 30 mins contact, 20 mins off) and replenished the ice bag whenever it was low during the trip. Stopped using ice within 24 hrs since there was no longer any swelling. Less trouble than one would guess.

    AusDawg85, one should not get married unless he has considerable negotiating skills….plus kneepads when getting to the begging stage. Monk-training helps also (the silence part where , if you say Anything…)… . You may notice more hair and nails growth since the hormones are now being used elsewhere…and the atrophy, lord, the atrophy…



    Being strictly a sex machine is great….best move I ever made.


  6. Rival

    I say don’t do it. I was a rare case, but had extreme pain for about two years. If I could, I’d go back in time and tackle myself before stepping foot in the doc’s office. There are other ways to avoid pregnancy that don’t involve surgery for anyone.


  7. Squatch

    Planning mine around the Masters. I hate basketball.