And a great man in Joel Eaves

Just a fantastic pic, courtesy of Patrick Garbin.



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16 responses to “And a great man in Joel Eaves

  1. I was 20 years old and a student at UGA when that picture was taken. Life could not have been any better. It does’t seem old school to me. I feels like just a few years ago. Man life flies by.


  2. Chi-town Dawg

    Give me this song along with Clisby Clark’s “It’s Time to Let the Big Dawg Eat” and “Bulldog Bite” and I’ve got all the tailgating music I need on game day.


  3. Dolly Llama

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers ALL those songs — some of them good, some of them just dumb hicksploitation — over the course of the championship season and a couple after that. I remember one “Devil Went Down to Georgia” takeoff/rewrite about us playing the Irish. There was one that went “Georgia Bull Dawgs, Dawgs, Dawgs … Georgia Bull Dee-Oh-Gee-Ess, Dawgs …”

    Seems like there was a bunch of them.


  4. Chopdawg

    Happy Howard the songwriter? Former Dawg color man with Munson, before Scott Schafer I think


    • rchris

      Yep. He wrote the words, Brown and his band wrote what there was of the “music” Got into some kind of dispute with UGA I think, and had to leave the broadcast team. Dooley was in the studio when this was recorded.


  5. Russ

    I still have the 45. Ripped it to my computer a few years back so now it travels wherever I go.


  6. AusDawg85

    I have a white painted album with the old UGA face logo on it with all of the Bulldawg Classics on display in my office. Bulldog Boogie anyone?


  7. Mark

    I first saw him perform it on tv during halftime at WLOCP in 1977. Now I have two small daughters who play it constantly and associate the Godfather with UGA football more than anything else. It’s just great and I’m thrilled you chose to honor it. Thanks


  8. 81Dog

    The Mad Dogs the Junk aims to please!


  9. Ngaholly

    “James Brown, Minister of New New Super Funk”–Amen to that!


  10. Ngaholly

    ‘Scouse me–New New Super HEAVY funk