Destined for greatness

I foresee big things in store for Jarrett Guarantano, who’s in the battle to succeed Josh Dobbs as Booch’s next starting quarterback.

Guarantano spent Tennessee’s spring break this past week in California training with other college players with noted quarterback guru George Whitfield and hanging out with former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel.

Nothing like learning from the best.



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7 responses to “Destined for greatness

  1. The other Doug

    Yeah, he could work out with Peyton, but Manziel has a Heisman.


  2. Merk

    They left out training with Bray on beer bottle throwing. I hear that’s a big deal at Tennessee.


  3. Cojones

    Manziel will show him how to sign autographs and down two drinks with both hands simultaneously.

    Manziel, where “hanging out” can take on ahole different meaning.


  4. I couldn’t care less if Johnny “I’m an immature knucklehead” Manziel was there, Heisman Trophy be damned. But George Whitfield is a highly respected source of knowledge when it comes to improving one’s QB skills.
    It is concerning to me that Mr. Eason did not also take advantage of that training session. After the way he obviously struggled with his touch and accuracy last season, I would think he would have a sought a little off-season help from someone like Whitfield, a guy who has a rather impressive list of those he has helped improve, mechanically speaking.
    Eason could have benefitted greatly from a bit of Whitfield’s tutelage, especially in the area of honing his release point and delivery during his throwing motion, not to mention his footwork. Just sayin’.