North Carolina, Mark Emmert says hi.

From the neighboring state of South Carolina, which is now back in the NCAA’s good graces after ditching the Confederate flag:

Without legislative action, then, North Carolina — a regular stop for the N.C.A.A. tournament — could be without games in the event for a minimum of six years.

“That’s up to the Legislature of North Carolina,” Emmert said. “They make their decision and other entities can respond to it. Whatever decision they want to make is between them and the citizens of North Carolina. I personally respect that enormously.

“The N.C.A.A. represents 1,100 universities and colleges; we reflect their views and their values. They happen to be different constituencies.”

Six years?  Look at the bright side, North Carolina.  At least you don’t have to rush into anything.


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17 responses to “North Carolina, Mark Emmert says hi.

  1. Argondawg

    Well that should coincide nicely with when the NCAA is finely done investigating UNC.


  2. ASEF

    Number of jobs lost. Thousands
    Number of dollars lost: hundreds of millions
    Number of children protected: 0

    And McCrory can’t even get “persecuted ex-governor” jobs. Persona non grata even in conservative circles. Heck of a job, Pat.


  3. lakedawg

    Even if one child is kept out of harms way I am OK with it. Political correctness has to stop some place.


    • ASEF

      Except HB2 is just right wing political correctness.

      And I grew up in a Bible belt town dedicated to rocket engines, high explosives and guidance systems. Spare me the “typical liberal” diatribes. I’m a Southern boy, Presbyterian USA/saved myself for marriage/adopted our daughter from Russia/ tither/Financial Peace U grad/blowing things up sometimes IS the answer world view guy.


      • lakedawg

        Little touchy today, as are several others these days.


      • Hogbody Spradlin



        • ASEF

          Yes. Watched Challenger vaporize live in a high school calculus class filled with the kids of propulsion engineers.

          Great town. Kind of Bang Theory-ish if they had been into Nascar instead of Marvel.


          • Jt (the other one)

            You are simply incorrect. The NCAA is does not dictate to the that state or any other on what they should and shouldn’t do. Guys DON’T belong in the same bathroom with GIRLS. IF they are anatomically a GUY then they should not be in the same bathroom as a GIRL. I don’t want men/boys in the bathroom with my wife/girls. Its pretty simply stuff. They want to have unisex restrooms that are singles fine. Otherwise F off Mark Emmertt.


            • ASEF

              I think you are gay. Get out of my business.

              HB2 makes that legal.

              HB2 is about way more than bathrooms.


              • CLT Dawg

                Correct…while commonly played as “The Bathroom Bill”, it’s somewhat of a Red Herring to distract from the erosion of workers rights that litter the bill. As great a job as Pat did for Charlotte, he was equally as bad as Governor – a complete disappointment. And, contrary to popular belief and media hype, he didn’t lose the election due to HB2 – he lost because he approved and signed an even worse contract to turn I-77 into a toll road from Mooresville to the SC line.

                The votes he lost in south Iredell & north Mecklenburg counties would have put him back in the Governor’s office. These people didn’t vote for Cooper, they just didn’t vote for McCrory…me being one of them.


              • Napoleon BonerFart

                In other words, it’s about respect for private property. Well, we can’t have that.


  4. Cousin Eddie

    Mark cares what you think but as long as it politically correct you won’t get punished for it. If sexual assault becomes a hot topic again the Baylor better watch out. Typical politician as he talks out of both sides of his mouth.


  5. Macallanlover

    Emmert was a failure as a leader from week one, and under his regime the NCAA got this PC crapola wrong as well. I don’t mind if other people feel differently, it’s their right, but organizations, celebs, athletes, businesses, etc. should stay in their own “little portion of the world” when it comes to their opinions. Go protest, march, make signs, take their cues from the organizers on their own time. Keep it out of the arena where fans/customers have many different takes and don’t need their input into their individual lives Their opinions are just that, their own, using positions of power and influence to make political statements is offensive to many, regardless of which side that particular position is.


  6. dawgxian

    The boycotts hurt cities like Charlotte and Raleigh which don’t have big GOP populations. It’s funny that in their attempt to get back at conservatives, liberals are mostly hurting parts of the Democrats bases


  7. SemperFiDawg

    Look at the bright side North Carolina. You maintained your dignity and did what was right and just when everyone else sold out to this ambiguous idea of political correctness.