“It’s still Roll Tide.”

Alabama commit explains Alabama commitment.

“Alabama is very straight with you,” Davis said. “It’s straight football. I mean, I don’t want to go nowhere else where the basketball team is good, too. I want to go somewhere where it’s straight football, strictly football. And when you get down there, it’s straight business. Even the fans, you go to the restroom and the fans are talking about how the football team is. I really like the business part of it.”

See?  There’s your problem in a nutshell, Dawg fans.  ‘Bama folks talk about the football team in the bathroom.  We’re too wrapped up in the crappy state of our crappers to focus on the football team when we hit the head.  Selfish bastids…



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22 responses to ““It’s still Roll Tide.”

  1. fartwok

    The toilet paper in all the bathrooms on the campus of UA have the auburn logo on it.


  2. Normaltown Mike

    In Alabama, “I’ve got a wide stance” is not bathroom cruising slang, it’s offensive line spacing conversation.


  3. hassan

    They discuss the crimson tide in the ladies room.

    Oh! Like you weren’t thinking it!!!


    • Got Cowdog

      Nope. The menses and their prerunner are not to be trifled with around the Cowdog house.The mere thought of it can unleash a demon that no mortal can face, only the three food groups of hell week, Wine, Chocolate, and Ice Cream.

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  4. paul

    And there’s this:”The Crimson Tide Foundation (CTF) is charged with securing private gifts in support of the University of Alabama Athletics Department. Gifts to CTF are tax deductible to the full extent of the law and all gifts contribute directly to the needs of our student-athletes, coaches and staff. All gifts to the Crimson Tide Foundation are applied solely to the Athletics Department’s needs. The CTF provides a venue through which loyal alumni, fans and friends can give financial support to the Athletics Department, while capturing all the current tax benefits allowed by the IRS.”



    Those folks are nuts…me, I like for UGA to be good in all sports…no reason we can’t compete in all the major sports.


  6. 3rdandGrantham

    Reason #472 why you shouldn’t live in the state of Alabama — its totally consumed with CFB, with no other interests whatsoever. Alabamians will boast with pride with such comments (“we take our futbawl seriously here Pawl”), while most of the rest of the country would rightfully snicker.


    • @3 and G: As a resident of Alabama, I finally put enough UGA and UWA stickers on my truck and car to let people know. Do not ask what team I like-UA or AU.
      Yes, it is totally consumed with college football, for everything else, there is the phrase, thank the lord for the state to the West to make the Bama folks feel better.


  7. Russ

    They talk about football in the bathroom, and we talk about the bathrooms.



  8. BamaDawg

    Are we going to skip a story without the bathrooms coming up? I could see a story about Malcom Michell’s elementary reading program going to “I wonder if the little fellows read in the crapper” to the Senator making a comment like “They wouldn’t at Sanford Stadium because our crappers suck.” We get that you don’t like the shitters at the stadium, for God’s sake let it go.


    • Or, you could just, like, not read the post if you’re tired of the subject. Then we’d both be happier.

      Is this your first comment at GTP? Strong start, my man.


      • AusDawg85

        You should really stop writing about what you want to write about.


        • Cousin Eddie

          I feel a reader poll coming:

          Would you rather
          A) have the Senator write about stuff he wants?
          B) write about stuff you want?
          C) write about stuff that makes other people mad?
          D) who cares I am going to read it anyway?


      • BamaDawg

        The problem with “not read[ing]” the post is that by the time you slip the remark in, I’m invested in the damn article. I like your site because of the different point of view that is provided. On numerous occasions I have seen you use the “we have beat this horse to death” catch phrase. Still waiting for it on this subject.

        Yes that was my first post.