Message to Ken

Georgia’s spring media guide, handed out on Tuesday’s first day of practice, lists a dozen “Bulldogs to watch.” Second on the list, in alphabetical order, is Rodrigo Blankenship.

Despite everything, Blankenship is still here, ready to begin spring practice as Georgia’s kicker. Where things go from here, however, remain muddled.

Rodrigo’s our kicker this spring,” Smart said. “We’re going to have competition, just like we’re going to have competition at a lot of spots.”

“This spring” = “for now”.  I don’t think I’d start spending those tuition savings just yet, dad.  Or demand another meeting with the head dude.



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4 responses to “Message to Ken

  1. Russ

    I wish all the “noise” around him would go away and he could just work on his kicking. I think he’ll be our kicker for the next few years if his dad will let him.

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  2. AusDawg85

    This aggression will not stand man.


  3. Macallanlover

    Dad might have already spent those tuition monies, may be why he is panicked and went public with this embarrassing story. Will give odds Hot Rod doesn’t have all the place kicking duties this fall. Like him, feel for him, but Dad’s extortion attempts put the coaches on a search mission and they found some talent.


    • Mayor

      I fear you are right Mac. Hot Rod has probably seen his last start as the UGA kicker. A real shame, too. He kicked 4 FGs against UK last season, including one from 49 yards, and won that game with a FG with no time left on the the clock. He also had a fine FG percentage.