The pack thins.

One less quarterback in spring practice

Parker McLeod, who joined the team last year as a walk-on, is not listed on Georgia’s updated roster. McLeod signed with Alabama out of high school, then left the team and surfaced eventually at Georgia as a normal student, joining the team last year.

Sam Vaughn, a junior, is now the lone walk-on quarterback on the roster. The team is due to add another one this fall when Stetson Bennett IV arrives.

Man, if a defensive player even looks at either Eason or Fromm the wrong way this spring, it’s stadium steps the next morning.



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19 responses to “The pack thins.

  1. AusDawg85

    Checking ACC rosters now for grad student QB’s in need of better coaching?


  2. There will be a tryouts for UGA students this morning, LOL.


  3. TXBaller

    I think Mecole can play some QB.


  4. Does UVA have any 2nd string QB’s that we can throw into the starting lineup?


  5. Look forward to Sam Vaughn’s dad complaining he aint on scholly.


    • Spike

      Good one! But I’ve seen Sam Vaughn at practice quite a bit. As others on here, such as The Mayor and Athens Dog have pointed out, Vaughn is no slouch. Just because he’s walk on ( and his dad isn’t bitchin” about a scholly) don’t underestimate him. Give him some playtime and let’s see what he’s got!



    So ZERO QB’s that Richt signed on the roster now….wow…and I know he recruited Skinny…good thing…


    • Macallanlover

      I know you have an agenda, but posts like this just push you further down the ladder. Is there a point in time where you will stop with the cheap shots? I realize unity isn’t in vogue these days but it really is counter productive to success.


  7. Go Dawgs!

    So where the heck did McLeod go? I did think it was a little strange that a guy who was once a scholarship prospect at Alabama would accept the fate of a walk-on at Georgia. I imagine we’ll be seeing him higher on someone else’s depth chart, soon. Too bad, though. I liked the idea of having a potentially competent third-stringer.


    • Normaltown Mike

      I think he’s going to class and planning on “going pro” in something other than athletics with a degree from UGA.

      You can find him on linkedin


  8. Got Cowdog

    Still think they should redshirt Fromm, but is sure doesn’t look likely. Oh well. Can Slingin’ Sammy punt, too?


    • Mayor

      Kirby can, and should IMHO, redshirt Fromm and make Vaughn the back-up. If Eason gets seriously injured they can always take the redshirt off Fromm then. I sure wouldn’t want Fromm to lose a season of eligibility if, for example, Eason loses hid helmet and has to come out of the game for one play. Or has a minor injury that keeps him from playing one game. Plus Fromm could be the scout team QB and get a lot of reps in practice that way.


  9. Stadium steps, hell, there goes that scholly and a one way ticket out of Athens.