“Brice is going to come out there and help us.”

Three years ago, this was probably the last thing anyone would have associated with the header quote.



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14 responses to ““Brice is going to come out there and help us.”

  1. It didn’t work out for Ramsey at Georgia, but good luck to the guy. I hope he finds a place to play where he can continue his education and help someone win. He could have been focused on finishing school or looking for a landing spot. The fact that he’s helping the QBs speaks volumes to the guy’s appreciation for UGA.

    Godspeed, young man.


  2. Faulkner

    He could have pissed and moaned on his way out the door. Says a lot about Brice. Hope he gets a great shot elsewhere.


  3. Speaks well to all parties involved that this has been handled with no hard feelings on either side. And obviously we need an extra arm, so it benefits the team, but I would think it also benefits Ramsey, as far as keeping him sharp for his next stop.


    • Macallanlover

      +1 Brice had his chances, just didn’t work out, but he found other ways to contribute as best he could. Good life lesson there, adapt and move forward. Good luck to him wherever he lands.


  4. Maybe another one to Bobo. I hope so.
    Brice Still might make It to the NFL
    An excellent athlete & A DGD. Go For It.


  5. 86BONE

    It is called Character gentlemen and we certainly need more of it!


  6. Russ

    A damned good Dawg!



    Obviously Kirby and our offensive staff are fairly well liked for something like this to be occurring…kudos to all. Good luck to Mr. Ramsey going forward.


  8. dawgman3000

    Kudos to Brice! Hope you get your chance to shine young man.


  9. Mayor

    Brice Ramsey is a DGD. Let’s hope he lands someplace where he can play.


  10. steveeperdue@bellsouth.net

    He had 3 coordinators in the last three years and I’m sure his development was affected but he’s hung in. Him sticking around to help some says a lot about his character. Fine young man. I hope he goes to Michigan State or somewhere to beat the snot out of Ohio Sate.


  11. Debby Balcer

    A DGD. Good luck Brice