Today, in technique will only take you so far

Here’s an interesting clip from last year’s Georgia-Florida game (I know, I know) that does a nice job of setting up the center’s multiple pass protection responsibilities when facing an even defensive front.

As pointed out, the center does solid work after snapping the ball, but if you follow the clip all the way through, notice what happens with Atkins after Dillard shifts to take Rochester out of the play with a double-team.  End result, the pocket breaks down and Del Rio is forced to move away from Atkins’ rush.

There are several lessons to take from that, but, bottom line, having better personnel than the other guy tends to pay off, even when the other guy blocks just like the coaches drew it up.


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  1. Dawg in Austin

    Good coverage too


  2. Looks like to me that the center should have stayed neutral there to me. The double team on Rochester wasn’t necessary. Atkins beats Ivey after the center steps away and disrupts the timing of the play by flushing Del Rio especially given there was probably good coverage behind.

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  3. Bright Idea

    Left guard wasn’t on same page with the center obviously. He must have thought the center would stay or he didn’t move his feet while the center was buying him time with the jab.

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  4. Granthams replacement

    If you go a little further into the analysis he reviews how a center executes the turnstile and opossum techniques when UGA has the ball.


  5. Did Kubs lay anyone out like this in 2 years?


  6. So Ivey was Florida’s lone 5-star recruit on the OL in the past 5 or so years. He was supposed to be a stud tackle. Some injuries have hurt him, but on the whole he hasn’t panned out and is now playing guard and getting bet by John Atkins. It’s an important reminder that you have to recruit a lot of good O-linemen. Richt didn’t. Florida didn’t, and their offense was TERRIBLE last year.

    Here’s hoping the new crop of studs can help us quickly.