My kind of happy talk

The media got an extended crack — if that’s what you want to call 23 minutes — at observing Georgia’s second practice, so the information flowed a little more thickly than usual, for what that’s worth.

As far as I’m concerned, though, everything reported pales in comparison to this one Seth Emerson/Chip Towers tidbit:

Nick Chubb was moving really, really well and had no wraps or braces on his knees or ankles.

I’m only exaggerating a little bit there.


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10 responses to “My kind of happy talk

  1. Spike

    Block, Block, Block for him!


  2. J-Dawg

    I feel really good about Nick & Sony this year. Even if the blocking isn’t as good as we hope I feel they will still get their yards this year. If the blocking is better than last year I feel sorry(almost) for our opponents. The East should be ours. If only we can get past being mind-screwed in Jax the sky’s the limit.


    • Brandon

      I think the whole mind-screwed in Jax meme is more a fan thing than reality. Is it not possible we just haven’t been very good and matched up extremely poorly with their exceptional defense for the last 3 years?


      • J-Dawg

        I’m referring to the last 25 years. Only 5 or 6 wins in that period when we’ve had the better team & talent: That’s being mind-screwed.


  3. Felt like Chubb wasn’t comfortable planting his foot and cutting last year. Probably was a mental thing, but he’d stutter step into cuts and lost that explosive power after making a move. Hope he gets that back!


    • Macallanlover

      That has long been the reports about why it takes over a year for certain positions to fully recover from serious knee issues. I truly believe the medical reports that Chubb’s knee had fully healed and was even stronger last year, and feel it was the psychological “trust” issues that took away the cuts that make a RB like Chubb so unique. I would bet his straight line speed and upper body strength was as good, or better, than ever.


  4. JS

    It’s been said before but the UNC game really was a weird mirage – some combination of Chubb being game fresh and the whole team clicking had everyone thinking that he was 100%, when later in the year it became apparent that, while still damn good, he was not his old self for most of the season. Sure a better (or even mildly capable) oline would have made him look better, but the flip side of course is that a healthy Chubb makes the line look better too. Cautious optimism for 2017, ftw!


  5. Bubs

    You know, I think (a) Chubb not being 100% back to his old self combined with (b) a sub-par offensive line really exacerbated problems during the 2016 season. Get back Chubb as his “old self” and I think you can mask a lot of problems on the offensive line. If you’re able to break a lot of tackles then getting hit in the backfield more often isn’t that big of a problems.

    We saw Chubb get back to that ability toward the end of last season.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    Just got a little light-headed…


  7. Brandon

    If our Defense can play more of a “bend don’t break” style instead of “don’t bend much but break every time they get in the red zone”…. look out.