“I’m happy I’m here.”

It’s a little hard to believe it’s possible, but Nick Chubb has an outside chance of breaking Herschel Walker’s all-time school and conference rushing record.  Wouldn’t that be a helluva capper to his career…



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  1. He deserves every accolade thrown his way. #DGD


  2. Hillbilly Dawg



  3. Ray

    This might be blasphemous but…I would be thrilled if he broke Herschel’s record. Herschel will always be the greatest but Nick is such a fine man and role model and with the adversity he has faced it would be great to see his hard work and attitude pay off. Either way though, UGA fans win! Have 34 and 27 at the top of the list should make every Georgia fan smile.


  4. I’m sure Herschel would be happy For Chubb if he did break the record, both of those guys are high character people


  5. Four 4 years compared to three 3 makes a huge difference.
    Still, I hope Chubb has a great year. Go For It.


  6. Cojones

    Nick puts his ability to serve our team and school to work while placing his monetary future on hold for one year. An effort to help his team above self reward – an effort that won’t be lost on alum fans nor his teammates. There is a doubling of his gift with his leadership and love of the game forming a basis for a team to rally ’round and produce unselfishly while forming a validation of Nick’s sacrifice. Nick has given already (as well as Sony) to the betterment of the sport at UGA and, if he left now, would be appreciated as well while we cheer him on his way to his professional career. No guarantees that he won’t suffer great injury again this season and he is quite aware of that possibility being reality.

    Nick Chubb alone is leading us athletically back to that romance of cheering for players because they represent that good that inspires us forward in our cheers. Looks to me like he can’t fail bringing a large crowd of achievers to join together in a monumental effort to reach and sustain a championship-level team in the near future. And the recruitment of future players. And the donors; as he also will become one after this year’s sojourn.

    In this day and age, Nick Chubb is very rare in his attitude and for his loyalty to our school. Unfortunately, he has given us only one year to appreciate him fully as to his character representing the better of all of us..


  7. Hobnail_Boot

    It would probably mean Sony gets injured so in that regard, I hope he doesn’t do it.

    Anything 27 does this year is gravy on top of an already awesome career.


  8. AusDawg85

    If he does, it would be a Heisman performance year. Care to bet if McG and the Georgia Way will really spend any money promoting him?

    BTW, was surprised that Vegas books have both Nick and Eason on the odds list for the Heisman. Nice for somebody to promote our talent.


  9. Bigshot

    If anybody ever does it, I hope it is him.


  10. DawgPhan

    good luck to him. I hope he gets it, if that is what he wants. He certainly deserves the recognition.