Today, in things you’ll never hear in Athens

Can you imagine the looks on faces in Butts-Mehre if somebody suggested something similar to this?

Eyes on the prize, peeps.


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25 responses to “Today, in things you’ll never hear in Athens


    Honestly, I thought we were the last SEC team to get one of these babies…IPF that is.


    • Cousin Eddie

      they have a 60 yd indoor facility built in 2015 for ~15$ mil. This one will be 100 yds and have several additional items for the football team to use at ~$50mil.
      yes, UGA was the last one.


  2. Cousin Eddie

    The look of surprise would be that UGA has a basketball team.


  3. Cojones

    Great reason not to start. Bully for SC.


  4. dawgfan

    The way UGA and Athens supports the basketball team, they wouldn’t suspend the ground breaking.


    • Otto

      Fans would be upset if the Basketball team made the final 4 before the Football team made the playoff.


      • Mayor

        Georgia made the Final Four one time. 1983 under Hugh Durham. B-M fired Durham a couple of years later.


        • Sherlock

          So 12 is now a couple?


        • Bogart Double Dawg

          Well it was a little more than a few years later (he left in ’95). Of course to quote wikipedia we ” had never been to either the NCAA or NIT Tournaments, never won an SEC regular season title and never won an SEC Tournament championship” prior to him. He was a heck of a coach here and at FSU (and not too shabby all things considering at Jacksonville).

          That being said I enjoyed going to the “Tub” and wonder how things could have been different if Big Blue hadn’t come calling.


  5. I've Stopped Caring

    Rock bottom has to be around here somewhere for the UGA AA, doesn’t it. Feels really close.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Pfft. You call that a postponement? Our groundbreaking was postponed for over a decade! Try and top that, cocks!


  7. 69Dawg

    If by some miracle USCe wins the whole thing, the State of South Carolina will have both the football and basketball championships. All you recruiting guys are always saying the state of South Carolina doesn’t have enough athletes to compete. Well they must really know how to recruit guys from other states because they are kicking ass.


  8. A great trivia question: What school was the first one to place both the men’s team and the women’s team in the Final Four in the same season.
    Most of you should make a great first guess. Most folks would not even come close to the answer.


  9. Chi-town Dawg

    Things you won’t hear in Athens…”The UGA men’s basketball team is appearing in the final four against…”


    • 69Dawg

      How about “The UGA football team is appearing in the College Football Playoffs” or “The UGA football team is appearing in the BCS Championship Game.” Just beat the damn teams you should beat for a change of pace.