If Kirby ain’t happy…

I’m telling you, your ass better be in the Sanford Stadium stands April 22nd, or someone is going to be very, very disappointed.

This year’s spring game: “Nobody’s saying 93K this year. I don’t think we should have to say that. We should all be at that game because that affected about 10 of the guys we recruited last year. The impact it had was great and it gave us great momentum. I think that’s important, and I think everybody should always be at the spring game.”

If you’re sick that day, I suppose you could get a note from your doctor.


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34 responses to “If Kirby ain’t happy…

  1. Chi-town Dawg

    Kirby must get credit for an Athens Bulldog Club speaking appearance with enough people in the stands;-)


  2. Spike

    Beat Florida and we will come.


  3. mwo

    Yeah, it gave them great momentum. I guess the momentum faded against Nicholls, Vandy, and the shit the bed game against Ole Miss.


  4. How about we tell Kirby that “we don’t have time for this $#!+” like he and Greg seems to be telling the masses?

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  5. Gaskilldawg

    Kirby has the arrogance part of The Process down pat even though he hasn’t accomplished a thing on the playing field.

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  6. HVL Dawg

    Better get on it boys….

    UGA 2018 recruiting class currently ranked #39.

    Miami, with no spring game at all, currently ranked #1.



  7. Athens Townie

    Where does the story say Kirby will be very, very disappointed?

    He’s talking about the benefits of a packed house for the spring game. So what?

    Maybe I’m not as easily offended as some, but I’m not looking for indignation in every quote either.

    Is Kirby really the one to blame for your B-M frustrations?



    I have zero issues with Kirby wanting a big crowd for the spring game..not sure why anyone would.


  9. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Indignation aside, if the weather is good and the beer is cold, and it isn’t Masters weekend, why wouldn’t you want to be in Athens? Great way for families to do some affordable Bulldog function, and if there is a bonus in the recruiting process, so much the better.


    • I’ve already decided a round of golf with the game in Section HD later that day works for me unless one of my daughters insists that we go.


    • I honestly get that perspective.

      I just don’t appreciate that the only apparent purpose for our existence in Kirby’s, and B-M’s, eyes is nothing more than background for recruiting. Folks don’t contribute their time and money to serve as recruiting props.

      If Kirby wants us to be at the spring game because it’s a chance to see the team, enjoy a nice Saturday, whatever – I’m all in on that. However – when we’re being reduced to nothing more than a studio audience for recruiting, I can find better things to do with my time. The priority for whom B-M and Kirby should be appeasing seem misplaced is all I’m saying.

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      • DawgPhan

        I am sure as the game gets closer Smart will also start with the “it’s nothing special, its just another practice, we arent going to do anything to entertain the fans” type quotes that he trotted out last year.

        Add in that what was a fun family outing when 40k people showed up turns into a full day of hassles when 90k show up.

        It’s all the bathroom, traffic, and concessions hassle without an actual game to distract.


      • Dawgman

        Are you kidding me? “Nothing more than a background for recruiting”? You’re the prime example of a bandwagon fan. Jump on the bandwagon when they’re up and throw rocks at them when they’re down. Regardless of the reason, you should be at the game to show the players you stand with them, not way way way behind them. And yes, if recruits see that our fan base decides to show up for the “last practice”, this will pay dividends in recruiting.

        Now is the time to continue to show our support for our team rather bitch and moan about every little detail.


        • When did fandom convert into a personal obligation?


        • My family’s held season tickets since Herschel was stalking goal lines and I’ve personally been going to games since I was in my mother’s womb. Literally – I am not kidding – the first game I attended was when my mother was 6 months pregnant with me. I saw a lot of Ray Goff and Jim Donnan games in person AND I have two degrees from the University, so you can go fuck yourself if you want to question my bonafides.

          Secondly – I can choose to or choose not to attend football games for whatever damned reason I want. Just because I have two degrees from the University doesn’t mean I’m personally obligated to continue showing up for games if I don’t feel like I’m getting any value for my time.

          These guys can’t taking emotional attachment as an alum for granted if they want to keep treating me like a revolving wallet. Treat me like some ordinary asshole customer and I’m going to start acting like an ordinary asshole customer when the quality of what you’re offering sucks. And frankly – the quality of the entire experience in Sanford has sucked out loud for quite awhile.


  10. Go Dawgs!

    The tone here has gotten really negative over the past few months.


  11. 81Dog

    Shorter Kirby: I don’t have time for you peons, but you better get over here for a meaningless scrimmage or else I will be upset.


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  12. ApalachDawg

    Maybe you should create two blogs:
    1- GTP get the picture blog full of Bulldog information
    2 – GTB get to bitching blog full of Bulldog whine and cheese info like NCs bathroom patron updates / bathroom status at Sanford / paying players / douchebag McGoofy and big donors / kirbys every word that doesn’t pay homage to the fan / B-M suckage / move the cocktail party out of Jax / noon games / reserve fund champs / concession stand blues / tailgating restrictions / JWilliams zealot copper / special teams suckage…