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Weeding them out

The interesting part of this Chip Towers’ piece on Georgia’s drug policy isn’t that the players have no problem with the expectation that they tow toe the line, but, rather, whose line it is they expect to tow toe.

“Whatever the regulations and guidelines at UGA are, basically that’s what we’re going to abide by,” said linebacker Natrez Patrick, a junior who along with teammate Roquan Smith avoided suspension after being accused of smoking pot last fall. “No matter what the laws are, no matter what everybody else thinks, whatever Coach Smart wants in place, that’s what we’re going to abide by, period. Opinions, expectations, they don’t matter. I follow the head man; whatever he wants, that’s how we’re going to do it.”

Said rising senior Lorenzo Carter: “It doesn’t matter what the law is or how we feel about it. We’re identified as Georgia athletes and that comes with certain responsibilities and we’re expected to conduct ourselves accordingly.”

All SEC schools punish their athletes for marijuana use. The majority, however, don’t suspend players for a first offense.

When it comes to drug use, is it Kirby’s world and they’re just living in it, or does Michael Adams’ dead hand still rule?  Towers makes a good point about the fates of Patrick and Smith, but it feels like Ridley’s future will say a lot more about that.  Stay tuned.



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Musical palate cleanser, Big Star tribute edition

Per Rolling Stone,

In April 2016, an all-star band featuring R.E.M.‘s Mike Mills, Wilco‘s Jeff Tweedy and Pat Sansone, and many more gathered onstage at Glendale, California’s Alex Theatre to perform Big Star‘s classic Third/Sister Lovers in its entirety.

A live album and concert film from that performance will be released April 21st as Thank You, Friends: Big Star’s Third Live … and More. Ahead of the concert film’s premiere at the SXSW Film Festival on March 16th, Rolling Stone presents the supergroup’s take on Big Star’s #1 Record classic “In the Street.”

A labor of love, and it shows.

By the way, Third/Sister Lovers is one of the strangest great albums I’ve ever listened to.  Alex Chilton had written a bunch of incredible songs, which he then proceeded to deconstruct out of some weird sense of disgust with the music industry and Big Star’s fate (not that it wasn’t understandable).  It literally got to the point where he was told by the producer to shut the record down after he pulled a drunk off the street to help record a song.

That notwithstanding, Third/Sister Lovers is also one of the most compelling albums I’ve ever listened to.  The paranoia and love wound together and expressed in “Nightime” give me chills every time I hear the song.

Yeah, I’ll have to see the movie.


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