Weeding them out

The interesting part of this Chip Towers’ piece on Georgia’s drug policy isn’t that the players have no problem with the expectation that they tow toe the line, but, rather, whose line it is they expect to tow toe.

“Whatever the regulations and guidelines at UGA are, basically that’s what we’re going to abide by,” said linebacker Natrez Patrick, a junior who along with teammate Roquan Smith avoided suspension after being accused of smoking pot last fall. “No matter what the laws are, no matter what everybody else thinks, whatever Coach Smart wants in place, that’s what we’re going to abide by, period. Opinions, expectations, they don’t matter. I follow the head man; whatever he wants, that’s how we’re going to do it.”

Said rising senior Lorenzo Carter: “It doesn’t matter what the law is or how we feel about it. We’re identified as Georgia athletes and that comes with certain responsibilities and we’re expected to conduct ourselves accordingly.”

All SEC schools punish their athletes for marijuana use. The majority, however, don’t suspend players for a first offense.

When it comes to drug use, is it Kirby’s world and they’re just living in it, or does Michael Adams’ dead hand still rule?  Towers makes a good point about the fates of Patrick and Smith, but it feels like Ridley’s future will say a lot more about that.  Stay tuned.



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22 responses to “Weeding them out

  1. Godawgs

    Sorry but, “Toe the line” is an idiomatic expression meaning either to conform to a rule or standard, or to stand poised at the starting line in a footrace.


  2. Red Cup

    I hope Ridley somehow is allowed to play App. State and McGarrity is put out to explain how it is not a change in policy


    • Gaskilldawg

      maybe he will sit out the spring game and that will satisfy the requirement.


      • Uglydawg

        I hear there will be a big checkers tournament in June. Anyone with a strike against them will have to sit it out, thus fulfilling their obligation to the rule. That’s what they do at Tennessee and ———— (fill in the blank).


    • Uglydawg

      Is anyone else honestly concerned about the App. State game? They have a recent history against major programs that is to be respected, and Georgia has a recent history against “cupcakes” that is nightmarish.
      Take your shot at me, but I’m not convinced it will be a laughter at all. The only thing that I find comforting is the knowledge that Nick and Sony will be in attendance.


  3. Bigshot

    I think we should move that line to Tuscaloosa.


  4. The other Doug

    I see the policy moving to a standard of innocent until guilty in a court of law.


    • PTC DAWG

      How would failing a school drug test fall into this standard..

      Me, handle it internally and move on.


      • DawgPhan

        agreed. they shouldnt even be publicizing the test results.

        Those test results should be totally private and between only the doctor, student, and school.

        Seems like we have gone out of our way in the past to make sure that the results get put in the paper.


  5. Robert Westmoreland

    Lose to App State and you won’t have any trouble finding tickets to travel to Notre Dame and for any of our remaining games.I think anything sort of a 10-2 season with this powderpuff schedule would be a diseaster..This is a very big crossroads season.


    • Mayor

      Not being picky, but maybe I am, I don’t think this is such a powderpuff schedule. App State is not a walkover game. Look for App State to come in looking for a big win to propel them to a great season. The only true walkover game is Samford the 3rd game of the season. ND may have had an off season last year but we get them THIS year not last year and at their place with TD Jesus and all that–not an easy game. Frankly, a likely loss. Missy State beat Ole Miss last season (a team that totally waxed Georgia last year)–again not an easy game. UT at KnoxVegas? Well, Bootch has beaten the Dawgs 2 years in a row and this game is played on that pitiful excuse for a field where UGA players always seem to get hurt–not an easy game. Vandy at Vandy. What can I say? Vandy won last year in Athens and has beaten the Dawgs twice in the last 4 years. Mizzou? We barely beat them last year. Remember? The Kid threw a pass on 4th and 12 to score the winning TD with no time left on the clock. FU? Remind me, how many times in a row have the Gators beaten the Dawgs this streak? Three is it? Any evidence that will change? South Carolina? I saw a lot of life at the end of last season in the Dicks…er…Cocks. We may win but it won’t be easy. Auburn at Auburn. The Dawgs beat ’em in Athens last year which gives some hope but certainly not an easy game. I watched a replay of the ’16 UGA-UK game last night and frankly the Dawgs were lucky to win that game. UK may very well become the surprise team in the SEC this year. Stoops has done a lot to attract better players and the Cats have a much better team than in years gone by. Georgia may win but not an easy game. Finally, Tech at Grant field. Need I remind you that Tech has beaten Georgia 2 out of the last 3 games? Powderpuff schedule? This might be a powderpuff schedule for Bama but it sure as hell isn’t for the current Georgia Bulldogs.