You guys probably have as little a desire to revisit Georgia’s 2016 season as I do, but I would still suggest you take a look at this excellent breakdown of film from the opener against North Carolina.

It’s a mix of the good, like the great blocking that set up Herrien’s touchdown run…

… as well as Isaiah McKenzie’s balance and quickness.

And the bad, which is, to no great surprise, an inconsistent offensive line…

… issues setting the perimeter on defense…

… and Lambert’s lack of improvement from 2015.

There’s also Nick Freakin’ Chubb.

In short, it’s what you’d expect from a team with more than a little talent (much of it green, though) and a new coaching staff playing in its first game.  Weirdly enough, I came away watching that getting excited about what Georgia is capable of in 2017 if it can polish enough of the rough edges.  If this team can play more consistently at the level it’s capable of, there’s a lot it can accomplish.  Stay tuned.


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  1. Derek

    Not sure that wasn’t more on Kublanow than Lamont. 54 pulls, looks uncertain, blocks no one and gets the WTF? shrug from Lamont.

    If Chubb is at full strength and we can get enough out out passing game to be relevant against teams that can match up with us in the run game, we’ll be fine. If we’re one dimensional and teams can load the box at will it’ll be more of the same.

    We need that ole favorite “balance” which will take a combo of a competent OL, a legit set of WRs and an unstoppable combo of Chubb and Michel. Getting 78 back and healthy will be huge too.


  2. gastr1

    I just like watching those red and blue uniforms on the same field together. The prettiest game, that was, from an aesthetic standpoint.


  3. Granthams replacement

    Uga needs obvious OL and WR improvement. Pass rush, specifically outside pass rush must improve as well. Carter need to put on 25lbs and have his hand on the ground like he did as a freshman.


  4. Macallanlover

    That game was very encouraging, especially for an opener. Sadly, the last game the offense looked explosive (I know, competition level wasn’t the highest.) One of the things I took from that game was the blocking of Christian Payne, which seemed to disappear afterwards. I know there were injury issues but didn’t seem that serious. Read where Payne was practicing in a black jersey again this week so another injury concern. I know the FB is a dinosaur in this sport but with OL problems the FB and TEs are your first responders to help when needed.


    • One of the things I took from that game was the blocking of Christian Payne, which seemed to disappear afterwards.

      Mac, I agree with you. Not sure what the cause was, but Payne seemed to have little impact for a significant chunk of the season.


  5. Atticus

    It’s very simple.

    Get the ball to the NFL players in space. Sony, Chubb and Nauta can all be huge mismatches…. get them the ball as often as you can and not just up the gut and then hope that Wims, Godwin and Ridley continue to develop and one or more become legitimate big time threats. Eason will get more accurate and his ability to audible will be huge. Then if Hardman, Woerner or Holloman can be the surprise (would love to see Hardman used like Percy Harvin) then this team should not lose more than 2 games with the defense. Obviously the OL will have to develop but it may be koolaid but I think the OL could end up very good, the only question is how long it takes. Oh, and Cheney…..is he still Cheney or does he become our version of the 2nd year Kyle Shanahan?


  6. AusDawg85

    We need to identify a possession receiver who Eason can consistently find and who can consistently make the catch…a true safety blanket. Then we should be able to come out throwing early and often, unstack the box, and let Chubb/Sony roam more freely. A 2 TE set with either Nauta or Woerner getting free over the middle or in the flats seems realistic unless someone at WR can become the Michael Bennett of this group…Ridley?


  7. Catalina could have sat on the bench for that one play and it would not have made a difference. That O-line was historically bad IMHO. Kublanow might have been the worst center we have had in 30 years. I cannot begin to understand how we could not have had someone better on the bench to snap the ball. I have written it off as one of life’s many mysteries.


    • merk

      Having prior centers that were NFL caliber definitely did not help any in making Kublanow look serviceable. A good center can make or break a good OLine. Before Kublanow, our centers were typically mean as hell on the field and I think that spills over to the other guys.