“… doofuses, goofballs and idiots.”

If this Arkansas legislator should be taken at his word, I would advise you not to make any sudden movements the next time you attend a college football game in that state.

In a bow to those who preferred the bill without these amendments, said he had been assured Razorback Stadium would have all the elements envisioned in State Police-approved security plans for “sensitive areas” granted exemptions from concealed carry accessibility. This would include security staff and magnetometers, he said. “There will also be sniper teams,” he said. He said he was reluctant to go into more detail. “I don’t want to tell potential terrorists and other bad guys more specifics.”

As long as opposing fans aren’t considered bad guys…


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24 responses to ““… doofuses, goofballs and idiots.”

  1. Dawgholio

    We’ve all heard the rumors. Terrorists have had Fayetteville, AR at the top of their list for some time now


  2. Walt

    I hear people lamenting the supposed “pussification” of college football caused by concerns for player safety. How about the “pussification” of college football fans who are too afraid of the remote possibility of a terrorist attack that they can’t​ go anywhere without a freaking firearm.


  3. Squatchdawg

    I’m as big of a proponent for the 2nd amendment as anyone….but guns in a stadium full of drunk football fans is a really bad idea.

    However, Sniper teams to take out the guys with guns who cause trouble in a stadium full of drunk football fans is a next level, unbelievably bad idea.

    Go Hawgs!


    • Dawgholio

      I don’t know. Snipers picking off drunks sounds more entertaining.


      • At the very least, it sounds like it has the makings for a cool halftime show.


      • paul

        Talk about viewership numbers through the roof. This would truly be must see TV. Even better than the Hunger Games.


      • As someone posted the other day, a large number of gun deaths are suicides. a new term to add to the Arky vocabulary–suicide by sniper. I swear this just keeps getting weirder. Drunk pissed fans, add firearms, add snipers, what could go wrong? I think the answer is just issue everyone going into the stadium a 9mm. Hell, Saban might not even show up.


  4. Governor Milledge

    South Carolina has police sniper units above the press box – I never saw them try to take out Aaron Murray


  5. Dawgy

    I thought the headline was going to lead me to an article about McGarity.