First week report card

Because the press’ time observing practice is limited, I tend to take these early how-are-they-doing pieces with a grain of salt, but, still, it’s almost April and we’ve gotta grab on to something.

Marc Weiszer looks at the six early enrollees and takes a stab at how they’re progressing.  Of those, Gibbs, LeCount and Holloman look to be likely contributors, Fromm will obviously crack the two-deep (count me as someone still in the camp that believes the coaches would prefer to redshirt him to gain some class separation, though), Hayes has some adjusting to the SEC to do and Rice has a ways to go.

Dawgs247 has a look at what is billed as the top-12 performers in spring camp so far.  (Sorry, it’s presented as a slideshow.)  Holloman is the only early enrollee to appear on this list, but there are plenty of encouraging signs from players who need to step up this season, like Ledbetter, Jayson Stanley, Godwin (who’s put on some needed weight, evidently), and, of course, Eason.

Whether all of this is little more than happy talk remains to be seen, but a little encouragement before G-Day never hurts.


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27 responses to “First week report card

  1. aladawg

    OMG, the pop-ups, ads and such on this site almost preclude viewing it. I recognize the need to generate revenue, but if you can’t read/see the article/show what do you accomplish. This is why your blog is the best.


  2. Uga81

    “Happy talk” don’t do it for me. 8-5 last year not ranked in the top 25 and a coaching staff that has problems. I’m not very “happy” about 2017. Sorry but I’m not so sure this year will be different. JS

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  3. Speaking of G-Day, in the aftermath of the I-85 collapse last night and the traffic hell that is coming for the next 6 months (at least), how many are going to want to sit in traffic on a meaningless Saturday afternoon to watch a glorified scrimmage?

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  4. Got Cowdog

    Am I the only one who heard Hutson Mason’s interview the other day? He made a lot of sense, and I would say he likely has better insight on the program than the Author’s of these links.


  5. DawgByte

    Only report I’m interested in is the one following our first rival game. All the rest of this noise is meaningless. The press corp and hangers-on have been blowing smoke up our asses for too many years. I’ll believe it when I see it.
    If Georgia was a stock I’d Hold, but would not buy any more.