“He’s the one guy who has been rock solid.”

At least there’s one.

His height and weight numbers may not indicate a prototypical left tackle. But Isaiah Wynn is determined to prove he can be excel at the position in 2017.

Head coach Kirby Smart said Wynn, at 6-foot-2 and 305 pounds, has been the most consistent up front in his position group. Smart commended Wynn for his efforts and expressed confidence that, despite being smaller than preferred at left tackle, he will perform well at the spot.

“The book says he can’t play it but people do it all the time,” Smart said. “He’s a leader on our team and he’s got a chip on his shoulder that he wants to prove everybody wrong. I enjoy watching him compete out there.”

Wynn has plenty of experience at left tackle. In 2015, Wynn started the final five games of the season at the position and performed admirably against Auburn’s Carl Lawson and Penn State’s Carl Nassib. Nassib was selected in the third round of the 2016 NFL draft by the Cleveland Browns. Lawson is projected to go in the first or second round of the 2017 NFL draft.

Wynn earned a left tackle start against TCU in the Liberty Bowl but quickly moved back to left guard after the game’s first series.

As it stands now, Wynn appears set at left tackle.

No knock on Wynn, who’s busted ass and wants to play the position, but when will Georgia see the day it fields a prototypical left tackle?  It sure has been a while.

As far as only one position on the offensive line being settled, that’s hardly a surprise this early.  The real meat in the order isn’t showing up until the summer and the sorting out process I expect will last well into the season.


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8 responses to ““He’s the one guy who has been rock solid.”

  1. Theus was pretty prototypical.

    Also I thought the line played best last year when Wynn was at LT.


    • gastr1

      I also thought of Theus. Sometimes you think they’re going to be at that position and it doesn’t work out. Then you think you’re getting Tunsil, and Ole Miss.


  2. Spike

    I’m rooting for him. He’s a very nice young man off the field.


  3. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Happy for Wynn but like Pyke and Catalina he’s going to project to guard at the next level. He may end up the starter the whole year at LT….but it also takes the pressure off one of the freshman starting day 1 while still keeping open the possibility of one of them sliding into the starting spot and Wynn moving to guard at some point during the season.


    • Macallanlover

      You probably don’t either but I could care less about what works at the NFL level, I would settle for one solid college OT for 2017. If he is winning the reps in practice against our DL guys, he is having a tremendous Spring so far. And we do have a couple of guys coming in who can provide some depth. Would be a blessing to have the luxury of letting them RS but I am not opposed to getting them on the field this season. I believe at least one of them will contribute in 2017. Fine with me, this year is pretty critical so whatever it takes to win the East and show that we are moving forward.


    • If they are SEC quality players, that’s all that matters to me. Of course, if you can block SEC DLs, you probably have a future in the League regardless of position.


  4. One is coming … Andrew Thomas has the potential to be that guy who is athletic enough to handle the speed rusher and strong enough to handle the bull rush.


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    It’s the donuts, pure and simple.