This isn’t an April Fools Day post.

Art Briles worries about the little people who made it all possible.

Approached by after the event, Briles would not answer questions about Baylor’s scandal, citing a non-disclosure agreement he signed with the university. Briles did reflect on his future, however, and said he wants to coach for 10 more years, and that he’s “not really concerned with what level.”

He said it is his goal to “be able to do what I’ve done all my life again, which is coach football and be around young people and help young people.”

“Right now, honestly, it’s just day to day,” Briles said.

Briles said he has been approached about opportunities within the coaching profession, but added “I think the best thing for me at this stage is to, my main focus has been to help those who were with me land on their feet.”

“it just didn’t affect me,” Briles said. “It affected numerous office personnel, strength staff and all the coaches. My main focus, honestly, this year has been to make sure they can continue doing what they love doing and provide for their families. So, that’s where I’ve been.

“I’ve kind of taken a backseat. I’m hoping that everything works out for them first.”

First they came for the enablers and he didn’t speak up… or something like that.



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3 responses to “This isn’t an April Fools Day post.

  1. Walt

    There was a typo, but I fixed it:

    He said it is his goal to “be able to do what I’ve done all my life again, which is coach football and be around young people and help young people get away with sexual assault.”


  2. 81Dog

    Did interview Briles in order to gauge his interest in the Auburn job when the Gus Bus drives all the way off the cliff this year???? I mean, they already have Art’s QB. Second Chance U, out there turning the other cheek (as long as they think you can help them beat Saban).


  3. Cojones

    It isn’t an April Fool’s joke? Coulda fooled me.

    And today is the anniversary of our marriage. Not an April Fool’s joke.

    On our first anniversary, I called the lady who married us in Vegas to ask her to send a letter beforehand that would apologize for not noting that her license to marry people had expired the year before and we weren’t legally married. Found she was suffering from cancer, so didn’t pursue it. That was going to be in retribution for my wife telling friends filming the ceremony that she almost interrupted the ceremony to say she wasn’t going through with it and then was going to say “April’s Fool”!. My friends were heartbroken since they knew of many who would pay money to see me taken aback on film, but I don’t know where they get such an idea in the first place. I’m so misunderstood.