Seeing red

It’s spring practice time.  We’re all hungry for any news about the team that drops.  The media gets a limited peek at what’s happening.  The inevitable result is that everyone from the beat writers to the fan base does his or her share of tea leaf reading.  The latest leaf?



It’s just the latest sign that Mecole Hardman will end up on offense at Georgia.

Hardman was wearing a red jersey at Georgia’s practice on Tuesday, the first time that’s been seen by the media this spring. Offensive players were red and defensive players wear white.

A rising sophomore, Hardman had been listed as a cornerback since he arrived at Georgia. He has been working increasingly on offense but remained in a white jersey.

Such speculation did not sit well with the lead Dawg.

Asked about Hardman’s position status, head coach Kirby Smart downplayed the notion he has switched positions for good.

“This whole Mecole fascination,” Smart said. “He’s really been working at both. He just worked (Tuesday) at wideout.”

“This whole Mecole fascination…” Man, you can just taste the Saban-flavored condescension there, can’t you?  All that’s missing is a Coke bottle and an “Aight?”.


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12 responses to “Seeing red

  1. Biggen

    I think we are all gun shy about multiple 4 and 5 star talent being wasted by the previous staff. So the “facination” is well justified imo.


  2. Win first, Kirby … Then you can be as condescending as you like. Until then, it just makes you sound like an arrogant @$$.


  3. Jared S.

    I don’t have any problem with him sounding like Saban. If he wins like Saban. Still reserving judgment till end of 2018.


  4. Gravidy

    How dare we fans be curious about five star recruits not playing? We’re some pretty entitled buttholes sometimes, huh?


  5. lakedawg

    If some us would pony up quite a bit more to “the fund”, we would get daily updates without the scarcasm.


  6. Macallanlover

    This is a big story line for UGA whether he likes it or not. We lacked explosive plays last season if you factor Imac out, and Mecole is deemed to be very dangerous with the ball, how do you expect to keep speculation down? Seems like the logical move when you look at the available talent on both sides of the ball. Embrace the excitement Kirby, we need some positive offensive thoughts at this point….and hope that fellow from Minnesota (of all places) can add something more than we saw last season.)


  7. AusDawg85

    D should wear black…toughen them up and get some use out of them.


  8. JoshG

    That’s a good bit of snark from a guy who lost to Vandy and Tech. He’s going to have to start winning more games.


  9. The Truth

    Yeah, Kirby likes to talk like he’s done something. Given his (brief, I fully realize) track record, I’m going to assume he and his staff will not figure out how to best utilize Hardman.