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A brief travel note

I’m heading out this morning for The Masters, where bathroom access is easy and Internet access isn’t, so behave, you scamps, while I’m away.


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“The Bulldogs have the players to create mismatches.”

I know it’s Tom Luginbill, but roll with this scenario for a second.

“Let’s just say you’ve got ‘12’ personnel with Isaac Nauta at tight end, but now you’ve got Nick Chubb and Sony Michel on the field at the same time,” Luginbill explained to Saturday Down South. “Let’s say it’s 3rd-and-4 and Georgia lines up in split backs out of the shotgun, and they motion Sony Michel out of the backfield.

“If you look at it from that perspective, now what you’re doing is you’re creating what could potentially be a mismatch in the passing game with a back on a linebacker or a safety, which is an advantage for Georgia. Yet, you still have your guy who can push the pile and get you 4 yards in the run game, and your tight ends on the field who can help in the run game or be involved in the passing game.”

All I can say is more of this, please.

Yes, it all starts with having a functioning offensive line and a quarterback who’s more comfortable in the offense, but, damn, with a little creativity, I really do think this offense has the talent to go places this season.



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And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like…

So, it turns out the Penn State University trustee who told a publication he was “running out of sympathy” for people he described as “so-called victims” of Jerry Sandusky said Wednesday he is no longer seeking a second term on the board.

It’s a sad moment for his fellow board members, although probably not for the reason you think.

Anthony Lubrano, a fellow alumni-elected trustee and Lord ally, said Lord told him the decision not to seek another term was not related to his comments to the Chronicle.

“Of course, I’m disappointed,” said Lubrano, who deferred comment on Lord’s statements regarding Sandusky victims. “Al was the most cerebral member of the board. He’ll be missed.”

I was gonna make some crack about cerebral not meaning what Lubrano thinks it means, but, hell, the man might be right.


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