Don’t be a drop out.

Reading this story, it dawned on me that Daniel McMillian, the former Florida player who elected to turn pro early and was arrested in Gainesville last night, won’t be able to rely upon the generosity of Huntley Johnson to extricate himself.

That may be the greatest stay in school incentive in all of college sports.



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3 responses to “Don’t be a drop out.

  1. David K

    I’m sure ole Huntley will take a check from an agent just the same as the Florida Athletic Dept.


  2. sniffer

    Who would want to stay in Hogtown any longer than you had to?


  3. Mayor

    I think intent can be implied by the facts. Issue for the jury to decide. That said, I wouldn’t want to try this–I couldn’t keep a straight face when saying it was jock itch. (snickering as I type this)