Eason speaks.

Competition from that Jake Fromm kid?  (Eason’s word, not mine, by the way.)  Well, yeah, sort of.

Smart has talked up the competition this spring between Fromm and Eason, as if there’s a chance Fromm really could yank the job away. Eason was asked if this felt like a real competition again?

“Yeah. I mean there’s always a competition every year, no matter who’s there,” Eason said. “I feel like Jake’s coming in, he’s a great kid, like I said before, and I’m looking forward to the next couple years with him.”

Did Eason need a push in order to get better and study harder? Eason started answering the question before the sentence was finished, his answer seeming pre-ordained.

“I think competition makes everyone better,” he said. “But having that guy there that’s pushing you in the butt, that’s definitely something you’re aware of. But ultimately it’s on yourself to get out of yourself what you want to get out.”

I think Kirby is right to look for ways to push his players’ buttons to make them better.  I also think Eason is right when it comes to judging himself, and ultimately it comes down to finding that place inside that you reach to push yourself to improve.  If he can’t find that, it won’t matter what Smart says about Fromm.



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11 responses to “Eason speaks.

  1. dawgtired

    Yeah self motivation is the key. Most of us are motivated by competition but you have to care about being the best. Some people live fine with being second. I believe Eason is confident…I hope it’s well placed.


  2. paul

    Sounds like a pretty mature response from such a young kid. Good for him.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree, perfect response from a young man who seems to have his head screwed on. We need multiple talents at QB, something we haven’t had since 2013. This cannot be bad for us, or them. Hopefully this plays out like Nick and Sony where they pull for each other’s success and put the team first.


  3. Herk34

    “But having that guy there that’s pushing you in the butt, that’s definitely something you’re aware of”.
    Unless your name’s Caitlyn, then it’s just another Monday afternoon in Lala land.


  4. Dave

    I need a guy there to push me in the butt.

    Predicting a solid year from him this year, though.


  5. STFU

    wonder who pushes the senator in the butt?


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Nobody. Dude is ‘on vacation’ at the Masters, and still puts in a solid day of posting, including a poll. He’s self-motivated.


  6. Jack Klompus

    Waiting for ESPNs next article about how much Jacob has matured in the offseason and how he’s at the top of the heap of QBs in the SEC.


  7. ugafidelis

    I heard last year that Eason was out every night. But then then a justification I heard was “If I had an offensive line like that, I’d be out every night too.” Made sense to me.