Sympathy from the Devil

Shaq Wiggins is the latest to discover that Bobby Petrino is a consummate dickhead.

Former Louisville cornerback Shaq Wiggins says he has a solid list of schools he’s considering as a graduate transfer, but his release from the Cardinals does come with restrictions.

Wiggins told ESPN on Thursday that Louisville coach Bobby Petrino restricted him from transferring to Kentucky, Mississippi State, Purdue, Notre Dame and Western Kentucky…

… Wiggins said he was most confused over the idea that he couldn’t transfer to Mississippi State. Wiggins said he assumed it was because former Louisville defensive coordinator Todd Grantham left the Cardinals for the same position at Mississippi State in January, but he couldn’t be for sure.

“When [Petrino] said Mississippi State, I was like, it had to be deeper than what it seems to be because Louisville doesn’t play Mississippi State,” Wiggins said. “It just so happened to be Mississippi State on there, once Coach Grantham left.

“I really don’t know what’s his state of thinking or why he chose to put Mississippi State on there. It’s something personal, but I have no idea why. It’s really not fair.”

Get in line, son.  Get in line.



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29 responses to “Sympathy from the Devil

  1. Dolly Llama

    My heart grieves for Shaq Wiggins.


  2. AusDawg85

    Damn. To be denied the academic rigors of Miss St. Just damn, son. I feel for ya.


  3. Otto

    Auburn is still open.


  4. You play in dirt, you get dirty.


  5. HVL Dawg

    Looks like we get to see Shaq play between the hedges one more time.



  6. I don’t believe they should be able to restrict any transfer period, but for y’all romantics out there, do you not find it absolutely absurd that coaches can restrict where a fucking graduate can transfer? I thought this was all about people getting educated. If so – seems that Shaq has done his part by graduating on time.

    Burn this whole corrupt system down, Kessler, burn it down.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Drain the swamp.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Ostensibly, that’s what they say it’s about, but don’t piss on my leg and then tell me it’s raining. You and I both know that Shaq Wiggins isn’t shopping for a graduate program that will fit his academic dreams, he’s looking for a school with an open defensive back spot. Frankly, I think players should be allowed to transfer at will since they’re not being paid; certainly I think graduates should be able to go anywhere they want, even if their current institution offers the same graduate degree. But don’t look me in the eye and try to tell me this is about making sure Shaq Wiggins gets a good graduate education.


      • Absolutely – we’re on the same page here. I couldn’t care less what Shaq Wiggins majored in. All the romantics out there argue that a scholarship is invaluable – well, he held up his part of the bargain. Why in the hell should anybody get to control what you do once you’ve graduated?


        • Uglydawg

          i agree. He should get a lawyer to call Petrino and ask him if he really wants to continue his attempt to rule over another human being.


  7. Mike Cooley

    To think he is being denied another chance at showing his personality.


  8. Gaskilldawg

    Isn’t Petrino doing what Smart did with Thurman? “Setting a precedent ” that a player cannot transfer to a place that hired his former coach?

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  9. Spike

    Poor Shaq..


    • Lrgk9

      Why doesn’t he just go pro?
      I’m sure the NFL wants somebody with his talent and personality…

      Oh, wait a sec—


  10. 92 grad

    Anyone that wouldn’t want to go to graduate school at Uga really doesn’t get my attention. Yeah, I think it sucks that petrino is restricting him, but if he doesn’t wanna come back then I don’t get it. I’d enroll tomorrow if I wanted another degree….


  11. JasonC

    Maybe Petrino is helped Shaq break the habit of being TG’s lapdog


  12. Argondawg

    Shaq appealed. He can go to Miss St.