You just think you know Todd Grantham.

I’m sorry, David Ching, but it’s hard for me to look at an article purporting to be about a first look at Todd Grantham’s rebuilt defense as being substantive when there’s not a single mention of his towel boy… or defensive players helplessly waving their hands waiting on the play call… or third downs… or…



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  1. Go Dawgs!

    How to play linebacker/defensive back for Todd Grantham:

    1) Run onto field
    2) Look to sideline
    3) Hold arms out to the side, palms up, in signal of confusion
    4) Watch more confusing signals
    5) Look to the side and notice a receiver sprinting past you
    6) Realize the ball’s been snapped
    7) Pick an opposing player nearby and chase after him in futility

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  2. This guy’s ability to get out of town ahead of the posse is truly remarkable. He must be dynamite in the interview, bc by about year 3, everyone figures out that he’s all hat, no cattle. Then it’s on the the next job.

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    • dawgtired

      Are the Miss St’s of the world NOT watching apposing teams and coaches? …or is this just to type of coaches teams like MissSt has to settle on? Of course I shouldn’t say that TOO loud; we settled for questionable coaches…


  3. Spike

    After a time out being flagged for to many players on the field.


  4. LSU

    Nobody gives up 3rd and 21 like towel boy can


  5. Ha ha. Belk Bowl RUTS.

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  6. Hardcoredawg 93

    What about the “man crush” you used to refer to whenever our D showed signs of promise under Grantham?