Today, in things that make you go “wut?”

I’m just going to put this one out there for your viewing pleasure:

Offensive coordinator Jim Chaney, speaking a couple days before the Liberty Bowl win, said he thought “the game started slowing down for Jacob around Game 8.” That was the loss to Florida.

I think I liked it better when I thought Eason was totally overwhelmed in that game.



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18 responses to “Today, in things that make you go “wut?”

  1. Walt

    Maybe the Georgia offense is like a huge freighter. It started to slow down during the Florida game, but the momentum shift was not felt until we crushed against the rocks vs. Tech.


    • The offense did what was necessary to win the tech game. We had scored 27 points through the first 3 1/2 quarters. We went into a shell after getting the ball at midfield with 7(?) minutes left and had field position. The defense gave up a 93-yard drive. Then we decide to get aggressive when field position and the clock should have been our friend. Eason throws the pick and completely changes the outcome of the game. We should have won that game easily based on our performance but didn’t finish.


      • Walt

        I was being sarcastic


      • Otto

        So both the offense and defense didn’t finish the game.


        • That’s right – it was a team loss. My point is that the game should have never been close. We had the ball at midfield with 8(?) minutes to go and go 3 and out. A score there effectively ends the game with tech’s style of offense. We do what’s 2nd best and get field position on our side with an excellent punt. Then the defense gives up a quick score. At that point, Chaney and Smart make a devastating mistake by throwing the ball rather than trying to run out the clock. At a minimum, you force tech to use their timeouts and flip field position with the clock on your side. It was a team loss …


          • Otto

            Agreed with the possible exception of the pass, The offense went 3 and out earlier in the 4th with Chubb running on 1st and 2nd down. Ideally I would like to run out the clock but have watched UGA in past season go conservative trying to grind it out on the ground only to be stopped and put the defense in a bad position.

            In the end it was a team melt down.


  2. Granthams replacement

    The offensive line was totally overwhelmed in that game. At least one FU player was in the backfield every play. Eason had a few nice scramble passes, one was the only TD that gave UGA the lead.


  3. Argondawg

    Seems like a strange time for the game to slow down. Maybe somehow running for your life slows down the game? 33 attempts for 143 yards? Ok Chaney.


  4. I’m thinking he meant the KY game and just misspoke. That’s the most plausible explanation.


  5. Ace

    Truth be told, Eason was a fighter in that game, but the offense itself was overwhelmed. He had nowhere to go with the ball, and the line was getting rocked.

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  6. Faultering Memory

    The game needs to slow down for Chaney.


  7. Cojones

    Spring Game; QBIs;, Leaves bare room for Chaney’s rise – to OC. How about a “Kickass and Take Names” game, Chaney? That oughta rasp their wood until Fall Kickoff and keep them mean and tough as described by CKS – in the male. How about we see somadat in this Spring’s game? Baring serious injury in critical positions, Spring Game ought to drive our UGA team spirit upwards as game one nears while we are salivating for more proof that we don’t have weak axels on our Dawg Wagon – again.

    Just “Sic’em” and lose the swagger talk until we’ve done something, Chaney. We can appreciate you more if we know your heart and soul is into this endeavor going forward and we really want to cheer for you as well when we are cheering for the team. Lead by example and show the aggression you are selling to us for the team, both in training our team physically and mentally plus showing a little genius in your game planning. Then we’ll talk.


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