Is there more to life than blocking?

Seth Emerson mentions something that might help Terry Godwin see the field more this season.

For one thing, Godwin is standing out for reasons other than pass catching this spring. In the past, his slight frame and blocking abilities kept him off the field in many situations. But after the scrimmage this past Saturday, Smart recalled Godwin blocking well on a bubble screen.

The better a receiver is at blocking, the more he will be on the field. Malcolm Mitchell, for instance, was the team’s best blocking receiver in 2015, when he was also the team’s leading receiver, ahead of Godwin.

That sounds great, until you remember that Georgia’s leading receiver last season was that powerhouse blocker Isaiah McKenzie.

The point here isn’t that blocking doesn’t matter.  Quite the contrary when you’re a run-first offense that needs downfield blocking to help its talented backs gain extra yardage.  It’s that blocking isn’t the be-all and end-all to successful receiving… or at least it shouldn’t be.


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9 responses to “Is there more to life than blocking?

  1. Brandon

    Godwin was forced outside last year… he is not a flanker or split end, nor will he ever be. He will go back and assume his role in the slot this year with McKenzie gone and I really think he is going to have a breakout season.


  2. Russ

    The point I was trying to make yesterday.


  3. JarvisCrowell

    I see WR blocking as analogous to RB pass catching. It’s certainly important, and being good at it makes said player more versatile and dangerous to defenses, but at the end of the day is not their primary job. Love to hear about it though, always good when players improve areas of weakness and become more complete players.


  4. Would AJ Green have sat on the sidelines if he couldn’t or didn’t block well? No … that’s why this whole thing about WR blocking is ridiculous. I want these guys to run excellent routes, take advantage of match-ups and catch the ball when it’s catchable. If they are good blockers, that’s icing on the cake.


    • hailtogeorgia

      AJ Green wouldn’t have, but that’s because that’s an extreme example. Guys like Michael Bennett, Chris Conley, and even Marlon Brown in his senior year certainly would have, though.


      • Michael Bennett and Chris Conley were match-up nightmares in the slot. They didn’t play because they could block. They played because they could make plays with the ball. If you don’t catch the ball consistently, you have no chance to play. If you aren’t a great blocker, you may play less.


  5. Confucius

    I was kind of hoping the bubble screen had relocated out west in Colorado with bobo.

    bubble screen left for no gain; bubble screen right for a loss… …


  6. B-rad

    I would disagree. Terry Godwin is not AJ Green and if he was, then h might play despite not blocking, but to be a complete receiver, then you need to block. Hines Ward was a terror when blocking. He’s an NFL HOFer as much for his blocking as his pass catching. He was great in both.

    Personally, if you show me a receiver who is not a good blocker, then I see someone who’s lazy or doesn’t want to be physical. Good blocking often times takes effort as much as anything.


  7. That being said, I am happy to have Hines Ward 2.0.