Lining up the lines

Is the offensive line winning in spring practice, or is the defense losing?  Moar Kirby Smart:

Head coach Kirby Smart said the offense gashed the defense for multiple “explosive runs.” In Smart’s vocabulary, an “explosive run” is any play that gains 15 or more yards. Furthermore, the offense also had numerous runs of 4-5 yards. And the Bulldogs’ offense found these seams despite Smart saying the defense regularly loaded the box.

Smart was encouraged that the offensive line opened so many holes for its runners.

But that was evened out by a pessimistic view of the defense, which Smart has routinely criticized this spring for being, in his opinion, too complacent.

“I do as good of a job as I can to encourage our offensive linemen to be physical at the point of attack, to get movement,” Smart said. “But we’ve got to play better on defense to challenge those guys. We’ll face some good D-lines in this conference. They’ll strike you and hat you up. If you don’t get movement, there’s not a lot of space in there.”  [Emphasis added.]

That sounds like a win for the o-line, doesn’t it?  But hold on.

Smart said he would withhold final judgment on the play of the respective lines in the scrimmage. Film review was to come Sunday; then on Monday, players would be informed how they graded out.

Still, there were a few takeaways Smart had in the immediate aftermath of the scrimmage.

“I know statistically we ran the ball well, but I can’t say they dominated up front,” Smart said.

Forget about figuring out whether the glass is half-empty or half-full.  Smart sounds like he’s not convinced there’s even a glass to fill with anything right now.  Or maybe it’s just that the running backs are so good, they’re making line play irrelevant.

G-Day can’t get here soon enough.


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10 responses to “Lining up the lines

  1. Lrgk9

    Or – Trenton Thompson was sorely missed, not to mention Roquan.


  2. Uglydawg

    Sounds like the running backs are superior. There should be enough of them to pound a defense into the ground with just a mediocre standard of blocking. Maybe the fullbacks are knocking people back too.


    • Macallanlover

      Excuse me sir, what is a “fullback”? Weighing in on the dilemma, this is good news for UGA regardless because our offense cannot help but be significantly better with the talent we have on the field. Worst case, we just lock Chamney out of the press box during games and let the kids ball. Our defense is solid, but much better if TT is in the mix. We don’t face more than 2-3 offenses that should challenge our defense in the regular season, and the offense should be able to keep us in those games. Our expectations goal” should be 10-2 at a minimum, imo (barring some catastrophic injury issues as always.)


  3. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    I try not to be pessimistic, especially not this time of year. However, I wonder if Kirby might not have some cause for worry. The conventional wisdom is that it’s harder to make the offense work just because everybody has to play their assignments to be successful. Takes a while to get to that point. On defense you don’t have to have the precision required for a successful offense. Isn’t it unusual for the offense to be ahead of the defense in the spring? How do you explain that other than to think the defense isn’t very good?


  4. Russ

    With a few exceptions, defense wasn’t our problem last year and I expect it will only be better this year. Hearing good things about the offense is music to my ears. We need to get back the production that’s been missing the last couple of years.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      I don’t think CKS is that worried about defense. Okay, he’s always worried about defense, but assuming we get a healthy Roquan and a healthy (and eligible Trenton) back, we should be fine. There is no reason to expect a drop-off come opening day.

      That said, what I think what he is really wondering is if the offense is becoming really good or is the defense not challenging them enough? Again, I am hoping the former is true, but there is no way to know until we play a real game.


  5. Keese

    Kirby also highly praised the o-line in preseason going into the first game against NC. Of course each game they got progresssively worse


  6. JarvisCrowell

    It would be the most UGA thing ever for this season to be marked by a breakout O-line, only to lose several close games due to the veteran D-line inexplicably falling flat.


    • Macallanlover

      Hush yo mouth! I don’t think we have a Top 5 defense but I would be disappointed if we are too far out of the Top 10. We are experienced and deep on defense and I just don’t see a great offense on our schedule. Somewhere in the Top 15 on defense or we have some legit questions to ask. Offense will be better, perhaps not enough to be consistent, or diversified, enough to put 30 up against an LSU, or Bama level defense but I look for us to average 30+ against our regular season schedule. This should be even more likely if the defense gets us the ball in good field position. Positive thoughts, please.


  7. tony bell

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