“Make traffic bad.”

I guess Kirby’s finally come up with his hashtag for this year’s G-Day game.

Using Boom to troll the Georgia fan base doesn’t strike me as the greatest motivator in the world, but at least it’ll take our minds off condoms.


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14 responses to ““Make traffic bad.”

  1. Walt

    Muschamp gets 12,000 at his Spring game and talks shit? That’s some Chutzpah.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    This is UGA and Athens. A crowd of 1,000 makes traffic bad.

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  3. Spike

    Yea, I’m not sure “making traffic bad” is a winner. But, Boom is a Douche of the first order. Thank God we did not hire that asshole. For anything.


  4. Boom is such a fucking joke.

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  5. ApalachDawg

    I think that they are both using each other to get their respective fans rear ends in the stands for their spring game.


  6. rjc

    “Make traffic bad”… terrible word / phrase selection. does he not realize what the hole in I85 has done to all of us metro ATL dawgs daily commutes? or for that matter, how it will affect travel to and from athens? sigh….


    • I thought the exact same thing. The I-85 collapse will make a lot of people from the ATL say, “I sit in traffic everyday. Why would I sit in traffic on a Saturday for a glorified scrimmage?”


  7. Starbreaker

    I am planning on taking the family to G-Day for the first time in ages this year (we’ll be staying up in Athens for the weekend)…how early (based on last year’s capacity crowd) should we realistically get to the gates to ensure we get in?


  8. DawgYRP

    Make the concession lines long.


  9. 92 grad

    About the 85 collapse, that’s an easy route to avoid since it’s inside the perimeter. Just take 285 around to 78, 20 east to 92 ). Anyone around Alpharetta should just stay north and use 120.