This’ll teach ’em!

Hell hath no fury like a North Carolina legislator forced to back down from political pandering.

One, I can only begin to imagine the howling in the state that would ensue from North Carolina withdrawing from the ACC.  Two, what makes these guys think there’s another P5 conference that would respond any differently if they chose to show their asses again in the future?  Just ask Arkansas how that went…



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26 responses to “This’ll teach ’em!

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    All I know is I’m moving to N.C. After all, the state obviously is #1 in education, job growth, satety/crime, health care, transportation, and other key livability and economic metrics; as they’ve completely mastered these areas and thus lawmakers can focus their efforts on rather trivial matters.

    Kinda like the retired exec with 11 mil in the bank, whose main worry each day is which golf course to play and whether he has enough prune juice in the fridge — N.C. is such a magical utopia that their only concerns are ones that the rest of us dream about having to deal with.



    Local Yocals in Politics never fail to impress.


  3. Otto

    Well is the SEC office on the horn with Chapel Hill and Raleigh about going to 16. 4 divisions pods and a SEC playoff here we come.


  4. Chris

    The NCAA plays games in Cuba and China. But they refuse to play in North Carolina because of “human rights violations” Let that sink in.

    Political Wankery indeed.

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  5. Derek Dooley 2.0

    Why does the ACC care what NC does in their state? Morons.


  6. Shane#1

    Let’s keep the conversation about football. I hear enough of this crap on the news. The NCAA should mind their own freaking business.

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  7. Alkaline

    If an ACC boycott of NC leads to a bill requiring state schools to withdraw from the conference, then an NCAA boycott of NC should lead to a bill requiring them to join the NAIA?


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