Ken Blankenship, winning

A second walk-on kicker has left the football program since the end of last season.



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8 responses to “Ken Blankenship, winning

  1. Russ

    Haha! That was my first thought, too. Kirby still has one more bullet in the chamber, coming in this summer/fall.

    I get loving your kid, but you’d think at some point Helicopter Ken would have a moment of awareness that he’s screwing up his kid with this stuff.


  2. Kdaddy

    I feel bad for Rodrigo, the kid seems like a DGD and all the players like him but his Dad acts like a douche bag that got loose with an Instagram account.

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  3. The way that Ken’s father has gone about the public whining is annoying.

    But I still think almost everyone complaining about the situation are hypocrites considering what they would do for their own kids. Again, I agree that the WAY he has whined with public PR stunts is not the way to do it…but the passion and desire for his kid is justified, imo.

    If my son was in his spot, I would also be doing everything possible behind the scenes to get him a damn scholly and I would also rightly be annoyed to be honest.


    • Saxondawg

      DistrictDawg, the key phrase in your final sentence is “behind the scenes.” Which is not how Ken has done it.


    • Cojones

      Plus, Dad is footing the sizable bills that would be helped by a scholly. Don’t blame Dad at all except for the damage he does to his innocent son’s image. We all need to keep the perspective that, whenever his name is mentioned, Blankenship is a good kicker and a DGD.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    The way things are going Rodrigo’s going to be the last man standing.

    Daddy Blankenship to Kirby on eve of N.D. game:: “Nice kicker you’ve got there. Wouldn’t it be a shame if something happened to him.”


  5. DawgPhan

    SER. Lets just hope that Smart doesnt try to prove a point that results in several missed kicks for that first game.


  6. After decades upon decades of the best kickers in the nation, it generally seems Kirby DGAF. Its one philosophy. But when we lose that one game we could have won from a shanked 35 yarder….