If you’re a coach like Kirby Smart or Nick Saban who’s already unhappy about the new NCAA rule that places limits on hiring high school coaches who, through no fault of their own, coincidentally happen to have highly regarded recruits on their roster, you’re probably going to go nuclear over the NCAA’s next initiative.

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby promised Friday that the NCAA Football Oversight Committee will take a “holistic look at staff sizes” within the next year, meaning that the proliferation of various analysts and other support positions could soon be regulated.

Speaking in a conference call with reporters in his role as Football Oversight Committee chairman, Bowlsby said the committee has two priorities for the coming year. First is adjusting the college football calendar as pertains to recruiting and practice times.

The second priority is a “deep dive on personnel.” The NCAA on Friday approved a 10th on-field assistant coach, and though that will not immediately affect the number of analysts a program can hire, Bowlsby said the time has come to examine staff sizes in college football.

“I think that door has been open for a while,” Bowlsby said. “We’re seeing very large staff. We see non-coaching personnel doing coaching duties. It is one of our two priorities for the Football Oversight Committee for the coming year … looking at personnel and how personnel should be deployed in the football coaching staff environment.”

Bowlsby did not identify any schools by names, but Alabama and Ohio State are among those most often mentioned to be bending the rules on personnel size. Bowlsby noted that one school — again, whom he did not mention — employed a football staff of 97 people, including on-field coaches, off-field player personnel staff, recruiting assistants and various analysts and graduate assistants.

You’ve got to admit if the Analyst Inn is full up, then it really doesn’t matter if that high school coach looking to move up has a gotta-have-Johnny Football on his roster.

Not that Greg McGarity is likely to strenuously object, either.



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  1. Do you think if there was some type of compensation beyond the scholarship and/or the lack of a tax exemption for the AAs, these support staffs and all of this would disappear overnight?


  2. Russ

    You knew this was coming eventually, though I’ll be surprised if they offer any meaningful limits. More likely, everyone will continue to spend like drunken sailors until the money runs out.


  3. DoubleDawg1318

    I think limits on off the field staff are long overdue. Glad to see that this is on their radar.


  4. Sounds like sour grapes from a guy who can barely keep his conference together.


    • Mayor

      This^^. Bowlsby is head of the least powerful Power 5 conference and he is trying anything he can to weaken the other Power 5 conferences especially the SEC. I wish the Big 12 would just go ahead and shatter into 10 pieces and we could get on with the business of having 4 super conferences. That would simplify the playoff system greatly. Actually there are some teams in the Big 12 that would be a good fit in the SEC IMHO.


  5. Confucius

    I see an addition to our grounds keeping staff in the near future