“I mean, our fan base should feel challenged.”

Whatever happened to the concept of showing up at G-Day for the simple pleasure of enjoying a nice spring day watching the team scrimmage? Now it’s turned into Kirby Smart Wants You! Day.

But compare the pregame buzz for G-Day 2017 to what we were hearing and feeling this time last year for “93K Day,” and it’s like night and day.

I asked coach Kirby Smart if he was concerned about that. He said he was not. But he did say he’s hoping for another big turnout, and preferably another capacity crowd for 92,746-seat Sanford Stadium.

“I mean, our fan base should feel challenged,” Smart said following the Bulldogs’ second scrimmage of the spring Saturday at Sanford Stadium. “They should want to go out and have more (attendance) than the other teams have because it does help in recruiting. It shows the passion and the energy that I know our fan base has, so that really is important.”

I suppose I should feel grateful that at least they’re not charging me for the privilege of attending.  Plus, they’re supplying the motivation!

“We are marketing it internally,” he said. “We’re doing Red versus Black. It’s huge. You can’t imagine the effect that had on recruiting (last year). Talk to the kids we just signed and they all tell you that it had a great effect.”

Huge!  And that’s even before we get into the QBR debate.



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16 responses to ““I mean, our fan base should feel challenged.”

  1. Dolly Llama

    Seems like to Kirby, all the world’s a field and we fans are merely players. The only thing I feel “challenged” by so far in his tenure is this “Why do I do this to myself?” feeling. He should feel “challenged” to live up to all the damn Saban knob-slobbing we’ve been subjected to as a fan base.

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    • Athens Townie

      Geez. Seems like we’re being a bit hard on a second-year coach who is trying to make G-Day at least a little bit energizing for his players and the fan base. Doing that requires some fake juice.

      I’m going to take it easy on Kirby for now. Some of you seem like you’ve already turned on him. Now, if we regress this season and don’t perform well in 2018, I’ll be whining at every opportunity along with you.


      • I don’t think people have turned on Kirby. Speaking for myself, I’m getting a little tired of his perception that the fans are only necessary for recruiting especially when he’s making himself less accessible to the alumni and fan base rank-and-file.


  2. 81Dog

    If it’s such a big deal, shouldn’t Kirby (or someone) have been making a big deal out of it? That he’s kind of shrugging it off like hey, all you lemmings should know what I want and just do it, isn’t exactly the kind of inspiration I was looking for.

    I guess if we don’t draw 91K again this year and 2018 recruiting isn’t as successful as 2017, we know it will be our fault, not Kirby’s. Somewhere, Ron Zook is nodding knowingly.


  3. Aladawg

    I challenge CKS to be a more accessible coach and I challenge BM to provide a game day experience commensurate with the effort fans produced last year , then we might come.

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    • This. I challenge BM to study under the best event/entertainment organizations in the world, sparing no detail to excel in crowd flow, parking, tailgating accommodations, fan interactions, and entry and exit traffic flow.

      The Spring game should also be a test run for the improved fan experience, much like what the Braves did with seasons ticket holders in the new SunTrust Park.

      At the same time BM is challenged to work with some of the best architects in the industry to augment the excellent service model with top notch renovated stadium facilities.

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  4. I would go, but no Ludacris.


  5. Reipar

    I am begging people not to go. I skipped last year because of the crowd, but would love to go this year if we can get back down to 40k.


  6. Hobdody Spradlin

    Blutarsky, dontcha know that anything worth doing is worth overdoing.


  7. Saxondawg

    RED vs. BLACK? GENIUS! I bet McGarity thought of it.


  8. 79DawgatWork

    And there are ads on the Urinal & Constipation’s homepage today for the game. The fact that Kirby has convinced B-M to spend money advertising on a money-losing event says something, I’m just not sure what and about whom…


  9. 92 grad

    Seems to me that Kirby lives in the young adult football world and has a blurred perspective on things. All he thinks, knows, and does is manhood testing exercises.