Wrist-slap, and a beaut

The NCAA hits former Alabama defensive line coach Bo Davis with a two-year show cause order for this:

According to the NCAA, Davis knowingly committed a recruiting violation when he took part in an impermissible meeting with four prospective recruits that was pre-arranged by a booster.

Davis then provided false or misleading information about the meeting and the booster’s involvement when questioned by Alabama and the NCAA, according to the NCAA.

His former employer?  Well, there’s a slight inconvenience, self-imposed.

Alabama had already self-imposed three penalties, a $5,000 fine, disassociation from the booster and restricting Davis and his replacement, Karl Dunbar, from off-campus recruiting or telephone contact with recruits from April 22, 2016 through May 31, 2016.

Oof.  That’s rough.  For the booster, I mean.



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3 responses to “Wrist-slap, and a beaut

  1. Sherlock

    That’s rough. For the booster, I mean.

    Coincidentally, this is how you transition from “Booster” to “Bag-Man”.

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  2. The Dawg abides

    Just like every other cult, dissassociation from Bama is a big deal. Now his family and all his friends will have to shun him and treat him like he doesn’t exist. He’ll probably have to leave the state. Just like Utah, Alabama can be a rough place to live for an outlander.