The SEC and “it just means more”

Especially when it comes to playing FCS opponents.


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8 responses to “The SEC and “it just means more”

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Look, I don’t see why this is a big deal. Nothing’s going to get us ready for the pillow fight that is the Eastern Division of the SEC like a couple of pillowfights against the FCS. #ItJustMeansMore


  2. diving duck

    This one is better than the one where she looks like an extra in Roadhouse.


  3. Nashville West

    Fun trivia fact, USC (the real one, not the ‘cocks), UCLA and Notre Dame are the only FBS schools that have never played an FCS school in football. For Notre Dame it is probably just protecting the brand and for SC and UCLA they probably figure that LA fans won’t show up for a game against Northeast Directional State.


  4. Captain Obvious



  5. i despise these commercials. and that lady is an Auburn grad i am told. so double hate.


  6. Matt B.

    I would not kick her out of bed.