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Butts-Mehre’s next nightmare?

I don’t think this current scenario is ultimately going to play out by the time the dust settles at next February’s signing day, but I sure would pony up a penny for Greg McGarity’s thoughts if Miami crushed recruiting in the next class and Smart didn’t.

Maybe it’ll be the subject of a future The First Word.



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Ask, don’t tell.

Kirby’s getting all General Zod on the media now.

Hopefully, the beat writers won’t have to wait 90 days for an answer.


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If you like this year’s home schedule…

you’re gonna love 2018’s.

Georgia’s home and non-conference opponents for 2018 are now known.

The new team on the list is Austin Peay. The Governors replace Murray State on the schedule and represent one of four non-conference home games for the Bulldogs. The other three are Middle Tennessee State, UMass, and Georgia Tech.

… Sanford Stadium will only host three SEC games. Those will be against Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Auburn.

I wonder if we’ll be arguing about ten wins being cheap next year.  To keep the fan base excited, they’re gonna need a bigger Wifi.


UPDATE:  Eh, it’s all good.

“Having seven home games will be great for our team, community, and fans,” head coach Kirby Smart said in a statement. “A mix of outstanding conference teams, a traditional rival, and out of conference teams we seldom play will make for an attractive season schedule.”

Gee, what’s that liquid running down my leg… rain, you say?


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G-Day plea

Damn, it’s tough to ignore when the players play the “do it for the kids” card.


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You can’t win if they don’t play (for you).

Does recruiting matter?  In the SEC?  Are you kidding?

It’s almost a requirement to win an SEC championship that a school is located in a state considered among the best nationally producing high school talent. It’s why 81 percent of the 84 SEC football titles (including the last 18 straight) to date have been won outright or shared by schools from the state of Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Louisiana, all fertile recruiting grounds.

Whatever else you want to say about Kirby Smart, he knows where the primary focus of becoming a successful head coach starts.  And that’s why if he can keep it up, he’s got a legitimate chance of achieving that success.


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“The new rules clearly benefit college programs.”

Fresh off a successful vote to add an early signing date for football recruiting, Bob Bowlsby suggests a 60-day signing period in the fall might be possible.

That might give Saban’s Coke bottle the chills.  Then again,

“We’re dealing with a very entrepreneurial group,” Bowlsby said of the recruiting culture. “There will certainly be lots of thoughts on how to gain an advantage and how to work the system … There’s only so much you can do relative to how individual student-athletes are going to announce their choices.”

True ‘dat.


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This is what a false economy looks like.

The Texas football team has new lockers with a 43-inch television monitor rather than just a standard nameplate.

Per, bruh.  Times 85, that clocks in at a modest $892,500.

Wretched excess in the era of amateurism, for the win.

How many Longhorn players do you figure would rather have a check for $10 grand and a regular locker instead?


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You come at the king, you best not miss.

Omar might have told University of Florida vice president, general counsel and university secretary Jamie Keith it probably wasn’t the best idea to cultivate Huntley Johnson as an enemy.  At least not if you couldn’t finish the job.

The Gainesville Sun speculates that the battle between the two high-powered attorneys may have started over a complaint filed against Johnson’s client, UF football player Antonio Callaway.

According to an ESPN report, a woman who alleged that Callaway sexually assaulted her opted to file a complaint with the university rather than a police report about the incident.

Callaway was cleared last August after the alleged victim boycotted her Title IX hearing because a UF booster and student-athlete-turned-lawyer was overseeing the proceeding.

In January, the UF legal department hired Tallahassee attorney Mark Herron to investigate Johnson’s professional conduct. That same month, Johnson began requesting dozens of public records related to Keith, including her personnel file and emails.

Johnson filed a suit in February against the school and Keith.  He did this, too.

Johnson submitted a statement to the school’s board of trustees saying that an investigation into Keith’s competence and ethics is needed and “respectfully suggest[ing] that she is not the right person to be the general counsel of the University of Florida.”

It appears he’s winning.

University of Florida General Counsel Jamie Keith, under investigation following a complaint alleging misconduct, has been placed on administrative leave.

UF spokeswoman Janine Sikes said it would be inappropriate to discuss the reason for the move while the investigation is underway. Keith continues to be paid her $389,500 annual salary, Sikes said.

Keith had agreed to take annual leave once the investigation by UF’s Office of Internal Audit was launched.

By the way, don’t miss reading the rest of that Gainesville Sun piece.  You know when a story starts off with “… she so inflamed former UF Athletics Director Jeremy Foley that he wrote in an email to her four days before he retired on Oct. 1, 2016, that he was thankful he would no longer be working with her”, it’s gonna be a good one.


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