G-Day plea

Damn, it’s tough to ignore when the players play the “do it for the kids” card.



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28 responses to “G-Day plea

  1. ugafidelis

    Doubt it will happen, but it sure would be nice to see.


  2. ApalachDawg

    Maybe the players should ask us to stay home and don’t bother.
    Maybe they should ask us to go to the Carolina spring game.
    I’m just shocked shocked


  3. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Didn’t go last year and nobody missed me. No reason to expect I will be missed if I don’t make it this year. On the other hand, G-Day might be more interesting than some of the games on this year’s home schedule.


    • Macallanlover

      That last statement is fair. Plus, there is no competition with better football alternatives, and the weather forecast is promising. I understood the point of beating the drums more last year than I do this one. Almost certain to fall short of last year, and I think fans will tire of this. First time is always the most exciting, amirite?


  4. I went last year. The game itself was fun, but the fan experience was exactly the same except for a meaningless game.


  5. illini84

    I’ll be surf fishing.


  6. Ben

    Coming off last season, I can’t even remember if UGA won their bowl game, so I’m not too excited about G-day right now, either.

    Somewhere along the way (can’t pinpoint it), my enthusiasm started to wane, and I can’t find the energy yet to focus it back. Maybe a win or two to start the year will help.


  7. Bright Idea

    I’m trying to get over this but I’ll be going pretty much out of guilt. I have the same problem most fall Saturdays now. Age and the all day war of going is taking a toll and waiting until next year is tiresome.


  8. We won’t be there. Going to Florida for a few days of relaxation and music.


  9. I can DVR the scrimmage or just go to nearly any home game this year for a replay.


  10. Go Dawgs!

    I’ve always loved G-Day and I’ll be there this year just like I was last year and most years since I graduated. I only get to be inside Sanford Stadium 6 or 7 times a year, and in Athens only a few more times than that. Every chance to be there’s a blessing in my book. Getting a chance to watch my favorite team in one of my favorite places without the chore of having to put up with visiting Vols or Jackets or Tigers? I’ll take that. And I honestly don’t care that I’m not going to see anything besides the cover sheet of the playbook. It’s an open scrimmage. I’ve never gone expecting that I’ll walk out knowing the gameplan for the Tennessee game. But if you don’t want to be there, that’s cool. Stay home. I get this sense that some of you are offended that the football program wants the stands to be filled to aid in recruiting, though, and I don’t understand that.


    • ApalachDawg

      Yep that was point as well.
      How is it uncool for a player to ask his fan base to come to the game?
      To me it’s the same scenario as Randall “good” Godfrey waving his hands to the crowd to make some noise on 3rd and 2… or some guy named Larry asking us to “Hunker Down one more time…”


    • 3rdandGrantham

      I’m the opposite — Gday for me has always been like watching paint dry. Even going back to my college days or to my 20’s when I was more of a fanatic, I was never excited and typically would casually watch the game on tv for a half or so before finding something better to do.


  11. JCDAWG83

    If I don’t end up going to Hilton Head to go fishing I’ll probably end up going if for no other reason than having something to do on Saturday. I’ll enjoy a day in Athens and the “game” will be entertaining if not compelling. I don’t foresee 93k, maybe 60k at best and that will be 50% more than the historical average.


  12. 3rdandGrantham

    I predict there will be 45-50k in attendance, which is better than most years but far short of last year’s rediculous attendance record.

    The novalty or freshness of the Smart regime has worn off, and now people are taking a wait and see approach overall.


    • Starbreaker

      Most of the 2018/2019 recruits seem to be in the same boat. That massive “national championship making class” of 2019 Georgia recruits is already all leaning FSU, which will be crushing for Kirby if it goes that way. Really hoping that he rallies this team to a very strong year this year so we can keep moving things in the right direction.


      • Macallanlover

        I think you are right about recruiting momentum Starbreaker, it makes this season much more important for us than just a 2nd year for KS. Last season wasn’t catastrophic but it did let some air out of the balloon. And it wasn’t just the record, it was the lack of flair in our play, especially the offense. I think the product on the field, style of play, and competing for an SEC title is a whole lot more significant than whether we have 60K or 93K at G Day. That said, the weather looks encouraging, and it is better than any other option this weekend. Might get the juices flowing and help bridge the gap until September.


    • blowing double-digit leads to Tech at home can do that…


  13. suite jesus

    any chance Mc G can move the kickoff to 8 am for ESPN U just in case their D2 lacrosse gets snowed out ?


  14. Greg McGarity, J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics

    This late afternoon kickoff is going to place a great deal of stress on our gameday infrastructure but we’re taking every step possible to ensure it’s a success.

    Also, just fyi – tailgating restrictions will be enforced as usual per UGA policy.


  15. Cojones

    This changes things for me. If the players need us there, then why not? When it was Smart asking, it seemed jaded, but these young guys know more about the feeling they get when the stands are loaded and want to show their friends what an elevating experience it is.

    I’m now considering going although the trip may be deleterious to the DVT in my leg. I’ll find a driver and recline most of the trip. Since the kids who experienced it last year want us there again, we shouldn’t turn them down.

    What schools are asking for a stadium-full to show their fandom other than us?


  16. DawgPhan

    wait is G Day this weekend?


  17. Whiskeydawg

    Leaving Los Angeles tomorrow for G Day in Athens.


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