Good news on the Thompson front

Smart expects to have him back for the opener.

Smart believes Thompson will be back on the field for the season opener as long as his health continues to progress accordingly.

“The expectation for Trenton is to be better than he was last year, to show improvement, and that’s his goal – to get a step better, get more physical. He’s continued to rehab that shoulder so he can be healthy in the fall and give us some quickness and speed on the defensive front that we’re lacking sometimes.”

Given what he’s gone through, that would be a welcomed development.  Keep plugging away, young man.



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5 responses to “Good news on the Thompson front

  1. Russ

    Hope he gets healthy and back on track with his life. I’d love to see him line up this fall.


  2. Spike

    Hope he gets well. Never did hear what was wrong with him.. none of my business I guess.


  3. Dawgy

    Trenton is a monster. He will demand a double team. Hope he’s at full speed by the Fall.


  4. Dolly Llama

    Completely off topic, but Senator, I’m glad to see you didn’t have an Aaron Hernandez thread today. You were the only sports venue that did not have one. Seriously, not snarking, it’s admirable.