“That’s coach’s decision. I don’t know.”

From Bobo to Schottenheimer to Chaney

Back when he was a freshman, Chubb caught 18 passes for 213 yards and two touchdowns. That was when he was Todd Gurley’s understudy the first five games, then the starter the rest of the way. But Chubb only caught nine passes the next two years, including five last year, when he played in every game.

Throwing to Nick Chubb in open space in the flat would sure seem like a useful option for a freshman quarterback breaking in to have, but what do I know?



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16 responses to ““That’s coach’s decision. I don’t know.”

  1. Granthams replacement

    This season will UGA run the wheel route………


  2. Macallanlover

    May be too tough of a decision for Chaney. No doubt we will be much better on offense this year despite him, but you have to hope we will use all the bells and whistles this time around. Both Nick and Sony can catch and rum, as Gurley could, how do you not use that wrinkle to help your oline and struggling freshman QB? More the Minney coach can turn the lights on for Big Jim.


  3. paul

    Logic and the Georgia Way apparently don’t mix.


  4. We threw to Michel quite a bit but nearly all together stopped throwing to Chubb. Either Chaney was trying to help protect his knee or my incessant bitching about his ultra predictable play calling when Chubb was in the backfield was founded. Either way it was damn near always a run into the heart of the D when Chubb was in and any number of TEs were in the field. The play calling was much more diverse for Michel.


  5. Otto

    Chubb might take focus off of those over used TEs as well.


  6. 69Dawg

    All OC’s tend to do stupid things because they are trying to look smart. I still think Kirby’s orders were “first do no harm”. This OC is a journeyman coach, he will never be a HC and he has accepted that fact. He does what the Boss tells him. He was hired to get Pittman. If Kirby will take his DC glasses off and start being a HC, things will get better.


  7. Brandon

    We’ve got so many experts here… all you gotta do is get a hold of ole Jim and invite him into an open thread before fall camp starts. An hour here and he’ll have the offense clicking in no time!

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  8. Russ

    Throwing to Chubb? How do you impose your will that way?


  9. AusDawg85

    I remember a few plays last year where Chubb was open but Eason didn’t see him. That, at a minimum, should improve this season.


  10. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Getting the ball to Chubb with space to work is clearly a great idea, but it may be that his hands are a little stone like. Sure, he can catch; I’m not saying he can’t; but it’s not what he does best, and as long as the line can get a little push, Chubb has a way of getting onto open space.


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    Chaney was already a two time sec OC castoff when Kirby hired him. And a quick look at his bio shows this former OL coach didn’t start coaching QBs until about 8 years ago – at the side of SOD of all people! The chances Chaney evolves into a successful OC/QB coach are slim to none.

    WTF was Kirby thinking when he made this hire? Chaney has absolutely no business being an OC and QB coach on this team.


  12. The Dawg abides

    Film review shows MANY instances of the back being wide open in the flat, but Eason not going through his progressions. That’s something that he didn’t seem to improve on as the season went on either. Hoping there’s a major leap forward in that kind of stuff this year.


  13. Red Cup

    WE used to have a good screen game when CMB was here. It has been non-existent since then. Never understood why.